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Please Twins

Sep 13, 2010

Play it again, Sam

I stumbled upon this series about half a year or so after watching Please Teacher. Honestly, I don't really get the relation. I know they carry over pretty much all the characters from Please Teacher at least to some extent, but with the exception of Miss Kazami, it isn't really that significant. In fact, Ichigo is a complete creeper in this series and I didn't see any of that nature in Please Teacher. But, the themes of the two series are completely different. Please Teacher is really a drama/love story with a little comedy sprinkled in. Please Twins (or at least the first half) is a quintessential example of an ech com. Please Twins is in many ways two series in one. The first half is a complete ech com and the second half is a total melodrama. Needless to say, the first half far supercedes the second. I mean the first half (and I'm speaking literally episodes 1-6) is some of the funniest and best executed ech com I've seen. And it actually culminates in episode 6 further emphasizing how this series is split in two. Looking back I may have liked the second half of the series better if it was simply transitioned to more effectively. But as the series is set up, sadly there is no such transition, just a divide. In truth the second half of the series really isn't worth watching. One episode in you can already sense the ending. And even if you were wrong, it's not like the alternative ending would have made that much of a difference. But there is one episode amongst the melodrama that is pretty touching. And for the sake of those reading this review I went back to see what episode it was. Episode 10 is what you're after. I guess I should say that if you have the time, the second half isn't a total waste. I mean it does round out the story after all. Anyway, everything was going great for Please Twins until they backed off from the tremendous ech com and move to a melodrama worthy of a daytime soap opera. But regardless of that fact, one thing that I must commend about Please Twins is how great the 3 (new) main characters are. I mean, they were so good they made the melodrama bearable. Karen kinda takes a downturn once the ech com is over, but Miina and Maiku are great throughout. Also the basis of the story is cute, even if it may not be that original. So overall, the good portions of Please Twins were great, sadly there are major lull spots in the second half of the series that really detracts from a potential great series, 7 out of 10. Nostalgia plays a factor.

7/10 story
7.5/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Raylord Oct 29, 2010

hey i found a way out of the blocking yeah!

Raylord Oct 18, 2010

the suspensen is killing me i need to watch now!!!