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The end of an era?

In an age where more discerning anime fans toss these sorts of multiseason franchises aside as repetitive, mundane, fanboy/ fangirl rubbish, Kaminomi Megami-hen shows why it can be so worth it to hang in for the long haul. It shows that when executed properly, extended franchises can be just as immersive as the best the anime world has to offer. The key to Kaminomi's success (referring both as a whole and to this the 3rd season) is the winning combination of a simple but brilliant concept and a knock-out mc. The story of Megami-hen does admittedly come off at first as a bit cliché, with the whole mc must face his past to save the world bit. However, the execution is absolutely fantastic and does a tremendous job of rewarding the fans who have committed themselves to this series. You're able to see old faces in a whole new light as Kamisama must revisit his former captures. It turns out to be a great and I think rather creative story, that sets Megami-hen apart from the 1st 2 seasons. Yes, there's finally a real plot! And something that really makes Megami-hen special is that as is so critical for the top of the mark 11-13 ep series, it doesn't take any time off. Not a single episode, not even a single minute. The plot is always moving forward throughout, and it's one heck of a ride. And now so as to avoid spoilers, we now move on to characterization. Keima aka Kamisama's growth was present through all 3 seasons of Kaminomi but to no surprise came to a head in Megami-hen. And though typically a term like climax is only used for describing story, Kamisama's character progression also has a climax in the 3rd season. And an absolutely fantastic and memorable one at that. It is a truly brilliant scene, the sort that separates the 10% from the 90%. And I know some people are going to argue that. Some people just seem to get so blinded by hatred and negativity, but for those of you I say you're missing the point. As we learn at the conclusion of Megami-hen, Kamisama's growth as a character isn't to become the morally best person in the world, but to feel remorse, to feel real emotions like he hasn't done before. And that sort of subtle beauty is something I wish everyone could appreciate. I could go into some other characters here (one in particular), but once again in effort of preserving spoilers I choose not to. To touch on some other obligatory points as we wrap things up, there are of course some flaws here. Namely, that there is a lack of exposition both with regards to the two manga only original captures as well as the new villain present. These did not affect my overall enjoyment, but they are very reasonable complaints. Some minor technical notes, a noticeable improvement in animation quality which was certainly welcome. As for the new OP (which is always a point of discussion in Kaminomi), I did like it certainly more than that of the 2nd season. Not quite the impact of the 1st season, though it is nice how all 3 are integrated in the full version which is played as the ED of the final ep. Also I did love Haqua's ED, it really struck a chord with me almost to the extent of Kanon singing Love Call in the 1st season (almost). Lastly, I'm not gonna approach the whole will there be a 4th season topic. Would I like one? Of course, I am a big fan of this franchise and I'm sad to see it go. But at the same time I don't need it either. All in all, Megami-hen is a great anime in its own right and really a perfect addition to the Kaminomi franchise, 9 out of 10.

9/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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