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Best Of The Season: Fall 2012

1 Psycho-Pass

Mystery, detectives, guns, what's not to like? Not to mention the awesome Minority Report-esque concept. The Psycho-pass franchise is a great addition to the detective mystery catalog of the anime world and I'd really like to start seeing some more entries into this genre. I mean for me who isn't big into action anime in the traditional sense, this is the kinda action I wanna see. Something thoughtful, intense, and w/ a strong story and characters behind it. And as a little extra side note, unlike most people I actually do like the 2nd season even a tad better than the 1st but both are great in their own right.

2 The Pet Girl of Sakurasou
The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

While the name might imply some kind of stereotypical ech com, Sakurasou provides one of the most real dramas in recent memory. A very emotional series which rather nicely portrays some very authentic elements of teenage angst. The excellent interplay between the main characters really sets off the series. Even the side characters (which if you know me I don't normally pay attention too) have some good depth to them. A much watch for folks like me who are big into emotional anime.

3 Blast of Tempest
Blast of Tempest

Zetsuen no Tempest joins the rare club of shows that start slow but evolve into something truly special. Now here we're only accounting for the 1st half, which is why it lags at #3 of the Big 3 2012-2013 transition anime (more on that in the Winter list). But once you get past the initial choppy mystery arc (which by the by is still more insightful than about half of the true mystery anime out there in recent memory) ZnT is remarkably consistent in being both unique and enthralling. Even the romance components surprisingly don't feel forced. There's some really great development of the characters and some real surprises along the way as well. This is one of those shows that its not really about the themes, it more about the journey.

4 Robotics;Notes

Couldn't quite recapture the magic of Steins;Gate now could we? To be fair, that was never a realistic expectation and nor was it mine. This anime is really interesting. I've called a lot of shows inconsistent, but this one is like to the extreme. Really high highs, really low lows, and not much it between. It's almost like I really like this show, but then again its kinda crappy.. I just don't know what to make of it lol. Outside of the Big 3 it didn't really have much to compete w/ this season so I think it fair to say its the best of the rest.

5 Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
6 Say
Say "I love you."

While I'm glad this show exists cause it had been god knows how long since I'd seen a true classic romance, its overall a meh entry. I mean, naturally I like it just cause I like romances in general, especially one like this that isn't just a bs rom com w/ emphasis on the com. But it wasn't all it could be, and especially the ending is very mediocre.


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