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Name: Samiie
Birthday: 31st December
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Backround: Filo / Spanish
Lives In: Australia
Favourite Colours: Pink

Lifes All About:
*Having a Good Time
*Dancing & Partying
*Music To The FULL
*Falling In Love
*Sugar Rushes
*Random Remarks

*Big Phone Bills
*Not Having My Phone For A Week
*Boring Things

I love meeting new ppl, and hopefully I can meet you!
Don't be shy, Add me! 
Thanks for Reading!

oxox Samiie

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sandbecca says...

Hey, how are you? :D



Sep 6, 2011
sandbecca says...

Hi Sam!

I wonder when you have summer in Australia?



Jul 12, 2011
sandbecca says...

Hey Sam :D

Glad you answered me :)

In Sweden starts getting green in the trees and grass. But the wind is cold most often because it is mostly north winds, but it's really nice when it's south winds at times. It may be around 15 degrees maybe, hihi. :D Yesterday we had 19 degrees. I like spring, but my best season is summer. Then it is at its warmest. I hope you get warmer too.

What is your favorite season?

If you could go anywhere where would it be?

P.s you can say Rebecca if you wish.



May 23, 2011
sandbecca says...

Hey Samiie! :D

I love your avatar and what you have written about you. There is not much but you get a good picture of your personality. :) I like that!

I Addar you as a friend because I want to talk more with you.

What is it like to live in Australia? There must be nice witn the warm weather.

P.S my english is not so good just so you know, if I have written something that is totally wacky. ;)



May 15, 2011