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about me

....uhmm....... well


let me tell you a little bit about myself, lets see how do i start my hobbies that i do on my spare time is draw anime (getting pretty good at it) and listening to music. My type of music that i listen to is rock,punk,metal,and little bit of screamo^^ uhmm...my favorite color is BLACK :P


if you want to learn more about me dont hesitate to ask, i would love to answer your question ;)

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March 22, 2008

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August 6, 2010

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SleepyDudeKik avatar SleepyDudeKik

Thanks! ^_^

Mar 27, 2009

nope still remember ya *hugs*, hope your doing ok. Im doing not so wel lately, a couple of days ago i crashed through a ceiling while working so im in a bit of pain but further im fine.

wel cya later and be well  

p.s. its quite funny i started using this site just recently again xd,

ah wel buhbye

ICeNoAcH avatar ICeNoAcH


Mar 27, 2009

aargh it rose back from the grave ...

so how are you? it's been a while indeed.

my internet has been down for about 2 months at home so now i'm catching up on music, anime, all that shit :d


and hahaha i've missed ya too honney, but i allmost forgot about you :-O

until now ^^

it's the first time i've got myself an stalker xD

yea i feel honored hahaha


big kisses to ya


Limanad avatar Limanad

You Rock!

Jan 10, 2009

aaahhh I LOVE(<33) VIOLENT ANIMES WITH ALL THE SHOOTING,KILLING,BLOOD ETC.... MY FAVORITE too!!!that`s really good,if all dies and blood spatter everywhere ^_^I like you,and you top =)

p.s. and all what a you seen =) (with several exceptions -_-')

Conjord2 avatar Conjord2


Sep 12, 2008

WOOT comments back, wb :)

Conjord2 avatar Conjord2

Great Recommendations!

Jul 28, 2008


Done with Trigun now, enjoyed it very much, thanks. It seems to jump from serious to funny at an alarming rate, almost lost my drink on a number of occasions :P

I hear good things about Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann so when I have time I'll take a look, you seen that one?

Just got back from a festival, off to another one on Thursday. You been upto anything?

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