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Have you ever watched an anime that was usually hard to watch at the very few episodes, but later on it gets a little better? Well, Tonari No Kaibutsu-Kun is what I'm going to explain in the anime right now. I have never watched the OVA yet, but the upsetting part was that the manga ended in 2013. I wish they could at least get out of their shell so they can make the 2nd season. The anime is a combination of romantic comedy, school life, and maybe slice of life altogether.  

Story: The story involves a teenage girl named Shizuku who concerns more about her studies rather than taking her spare time to do other things such as hanging out with friends and building a lovely relationship. Later, she was tasked to deliver the class handouts to Haru who is a violent and reckless sociopath. They later become friends despite the issues they dealt with from each other. The story is pretty decent, but the only part that usually irks me was that their romantic relationship keeps cycling back and forth repetitively. Well, I know that they are a perfect couple, they need to get on with it. Well, if that happened in the anime, it might ended instantly. I might read the manga later on, praying if they managed to at least kissed and lived happily together.

Animation: The animation and the visuals were decent. Nothing to say really.

Sound: The OP and ED songs are the most typical happy songs which always get stuck in my head because it's just that damn awesome. 

Voice acting was really great especially the guy who protrayed as Haru because of how well he did in his aggressive and crazy ass tone sometimes. 

Characters: I found most of the characters to be likeable, but there can be some few issues I've dealt with while watching it.

Remember I said that the vey few episodes sorta irks me than the other episodes? Well it's pretty simple to say. When Shizuku got pulled in once by Haru twice, one was asking her if she's a spy and 2nd that if she made one peep, she will rape. Those were my pet peeves, but later as I rewatched it, I realized that Haru is paranoid, he's curious, and wants to know what school is like. He's a violent guy with a scary look on his face and if every upperclassmen tried to do a asinine move on him, he beats the shit out of them. The basic development for him was that he become optimistic and manages to make friends. Also the minor part of it was he didn't apologize after he accidently punched her in the face leaving only a nose bleed during the scene he's about to do a full on attack against the upperclassmen. Later on, he said it was an accident on one of his mishaps, but that's about it. 

Overall: I'm pretty dubious if the sequel is going to come out. If it's not going to come out, I'll just read the manga to see how it turned out. I was going to rate this anime as tolerable with a 7, but I'll give it a 8/10 as it's decent. Plus, it has some acceptance to it. 

If you're the romantic-comedy fan, you will like it. 

7/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
8/10 overall
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