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School Days

Mar 19, 2014

School Days is in my opinion a popular and infamous for having unlikeable characters. I first discovered the anime and I thought it's some generic comedy harem, but it was the complete opposite. The anime was made by the studio of TNK in the summer of 2007. The same one who made the anime adaptation of High School Dxd. School Days also got mixed reviews and it's controversial.  

But anime harems were more common at it's own. If you looked at the animes, a male depending on their personality usually encounters with a group of female characters. In my opinion, female characters were part of a fanbase.    

I saw the anime while browsing it on CrunchyRoll and I decided to try it out, but I stopped at episode 6 because I know something extreme will happen. Later on, I'd decided to come back and rewatch it starting from beginning to end. 

And of course, most of the things that were inferior in the show made me a masochist, but there were some good things about it. 

Story: The story turns from a very optimistic perspective to a dark passageway of hell. Makoto had a first crush on a girl named Kotonoha when he first encountered during the train ride on the way to school. There's also a rumor that if you take a picture of your favorite crush, it's more of a side of good luck. 

Her friend Sekai decides to help build their relationship together. As soon as it went hunky dory, Makoto said to Sekai during the phone call that being around Kotomoha is boring. That's when I was pissed off about because I thought everything went well as a perfect couple for them.

Halfway in the series were also melodramatic.

Animation: Judging by the animation, it tried to be bright and polished. Plus the murder scene in the ending had the color of blood changed from red to black. I think changing the color scheme made it less appealing and doesn't show the realistic part of it. 

Sound: The OP for the anime sounds soothing and peaceful. At least there's something to get your mind off with. The ending theme songs were either sad or trying to sound similar to the opening. 

The voice acting is at least average. 

Characters: The characters were usually a pain in the ass except for Kotonoha. Well, barely. Yet, that's the whole point.

There were barely any character development. I even tried to feel sympathy for few of the characters I liked.

Makoto was a ok type of protagonist until episode 3-6, just no. Even Sekai was downgraded due to having a relationship with Makoto being hidden like in a closet for example.

Overall: Is this anime the worst? No, but it's just not my type of taste. The ending was well worth it because Makoto deserved what was coming. I found the anime to be not bad even though some of the parts bothered me a lot.     

5/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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theonus Apr 10, 2014

I loved it. In a very hateful way. I will never watch the show again, but It was amazingly well done. I honestly feel bad for absolutely 0 of the characters. They all got what was coming to them(although the bullying of Kotonoha was way too much).

DrWiggles Mar 28, 2014

I really liked School Days.Not because of the story or anything, but because it evoked such strong emotions from me.I couldn't help but feel bad for Kotonoha, or a couple of the other girls for that matter. It just made me sad to see characters so broken. And not to mention I was completely shocked by the twist the story took (I hadn't known anything about it when I started watching it). I stayed up until six in the morning to finish watching it.  

Discontent Mar 22, 2014

Ha, I think I'm the only person who actally liked School Days.

It is not a popular opinion.