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"My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute" or "Oreimo" was barely a mixed bag in my opinion, but I have found some really good and tolerable aspects in this anime. 

Thanks to my good friends Discontent and LetsGetCherryPie, I think I gathered up enough brief research just to make a review. Be warned, I'm a amateur in anime reviewing and I had to use a lot of research and opinions. You would think I'm a cheating and a aggravating human being, but it just have to do.

I'm also halfway in the 2nd season of Oreimo so anyone wanted to request me to do a review again, let me know. 

Story: Everything in the plot revolves around the Otaku Culture and the Drama. Kyousuke is a high school living his usual life. There's also a downside, he doesn't get along with his younger sister named Kirino which I might rant about her later on. Anyway, Kyousuke found out about Kirino's secret that she's an otaku. She also keeps a bunch of visual novel games of eroge and little-sister themed stuff in her closet and a figure of Meruru, a interesting character from a magical girl show. He accepts her hobby and later on helps her to maintain the balance betweeen her personal life and her hobby.

To me, I think this story and the concept of it is very interesting, but it has very few bits of cliche. 

Animation: The animation is pure gold and not too shabby. So amazing that it can never take your eyes off of. The character designs, I found it decent and amusing. I also found the artwork in one of the ending themes to be very mind-blowing. 

Sound: The sound is pretty fascinating by its good taste but it can have a tiny flaw. The opening and ending songs are the best to listen too. Every OP also changes on every episode which is one of the reasons why it's so cool. That's the reason why J-Pop has been improving well. If you don't like it, then just keep it to yourself. 

I like how voice acting rolls throughout the series. 

Characters: There are plenty of characters I find likeable and some can be a very aggravating situation. 

I don't like Kirino. I kinda like how she's a model, popular, smart, and have great athletic skills. I won't say I hate her because it'll be a little too brash, but I can be a hypocrite. She is a tsundere, but it's pretty misleading. 

Kyousuke on the other hand, even though he doesn't get along with his sister, he tried his very best to help her sister. Later on, his reputation starts to develop later on in the series.

I like Kuroneko. She is a interesting goth loli. I found her to be the most likeable throughout the series. Even though she can have a bit of tsundere, I found her characteristics to be shy and very cute. 

I would say most of the characters have developed really well lster on in the series.

Overall and Enjoyment: I found this to be a very decent anime show. I don't know why being a otaku is part of a disgusting hobby. First of all, I never played eroge visual games. I did watch few ecchi anime, but how disgusting can I be? I watch anime for the fun and entertainment. 

Lol I can be a anime watching masochist and a overly obsessive anime fan. 

I think this anime is good to find the perspective of Otaku Culture. Maybe one day, I might visit Akihabara if I go to Japan. 

I will give this a 7.0 out of 10. It's a little generous, but at least one of my friends think it's enjoyable. :)

7/10 story
8.5/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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