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Lucky Star

Okay, this is actually my first time reviewing this anime show called Lucky Star. Before I started to review it, theres actually a lot of reviews about it. Some have positive, some have negative reviews. I'm going to be one of the positive reviewers for this one. When I first saw Lucky Star, it has a fun sort of talk conversation including food, culture, video games, anime, and etc. There's also anime parodies including The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and stuff like that. They even discuss about certain real stuff that parts of the subtitles were censored and I can hardly recognize it. Maybe if I buy the whole season, the subtitles might be uncensored. Anyway, moving on. 

Story: This show actually have no plot at all and it's like a sit-com. This is probably the only anime sit-com that I will never forget and always be my most favorite. It's just the main 4 teenage high school girls having their everyday lives. Like what it says above, they have conversation about mostly everything including the hobbies that I always like. Discussions can be dull, but other conversations can be entertaining sometimes. I mean most of the conversations about food usually makes me hungry more often. Even manga, anime, video games, and anything otaku-related just lures me like a magnet. Some of the jokes gave me quite a laugh. Lucky Channel that occurs almost close to the end of each episode is not bad, some of the parts were funny, some can usually pisses me off sometimes. And yes, I say the word, "some" alot. 

Animation: The animation is actually decent and really cute. I mean there's some people who hated it. I think this is actually really perfect with this style of the anime though it needs improvement, but the drawings and animation quality is just amazing and quite adorable. :D

Sound: The opening theme of the song is really catchy and can be weird sometimes when it was my first time watching it. The ending theme is usually about half of the episodes were sung by the 4 main characters at the karaoke room. Idk why I can't see the inside of it, but I'll mind my own business. I even saw Minoru lol. The other ending themes I usually saw Minoru who has the same name as the character himself. It's usually goofy, but can be entertaining at most times.

Characters: Aw man, theres actually a lot to talk about the characters. Most of the main characters are the most likeable throughout the series.

Konata, a hardcore otaku.

Kagami, a older twin sister and has a bit of a Tsundere personality, but can be emotional and shy sometimes.

Tsukasa, a younger twin sister who's cute and friendly, but clumsy who doesn't do good at school, but has a major skill in cooking.

Miyuki, who is smart, beautiful, well-mannered, and comes from a wealthy family. She usually have some minor mistakes like being clumsy for example. She also gives out interesting information.

Most of the secondary characters are likeable except Akira from Lucky Channel.

And the minor characters. Oh my gosh, there's about over 50 minor characters. I mean this is just insane. I never seen an anime show that had that much. Few of them I recognize more often.

Overall: I actually enjoyed Lucky Star a lot! :D

Very fun, entertaining, and has bits and pieces of comedy in a slice of life genre. 

Highly recommendable to anyone who wants to watch it. :)

9/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
9.5/10 overall

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xCanaxCherry says...

Nice review! :D

Jan 16, 2014