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I first discovered anime when I saw very few anime shows when I was at a young age. For example: Hamtaro, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Inyuasha, Pokemon, Bleach and etc. I don't remember, but I think I've adored anime a lot more often somewhere in the 2010-2011 area. 

I never drop and put "won't watch" on all anime shows because I'm a completionist. 

Favorite type of music: Trance, Rap, NightCore, Anime Songs

I'm a YouTuber, but due to new updates, YouTube became worse.

If anyone has Skype, message me the Skype username by PMing me on the forums if you want to or in the comments section below. 

Please comment, message me, anything possible to communicate me because I'm a lonely person and needed friends on this website. Hopefully, I get a response. :P


For anyone who knows how I watch anime:

Toonami (don't have cable anymore)

CrunchyRoll (app for Roku Device)





Links to where to find me:

My YouTube gaming and review channel: https://www.youtube.com/ilikefunnyvideos505

http://www.wartune.com/index.action (Server 2 is where I am)

Skype: beaukwonster (call me FunnY)


My Rating System of Profanity (10-1 when I'm Doing Reviews):

5(10): MasterPiece from God

4.5(9): Recommendable 

4(8): Decent

3.5(7): Average and Tolerable

3(6): Not Bad, but something can bother me.

2.5(5): Mixed Bag, Half and Half, Half Bad and Half Good 

2(4): *FacePalm*

1.5(3): Trash

1(2): They gonna be that damn high!

0.5(1): Unbearable Abomination   

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Shivichan says...

Only 30-60 seconds? My friend mourned the ending for one full month. xD But I also never cry a lot after watching animes, infact the only anime thata has made me cry is Sket Dance. :)

So is yuruyuri like Lucky star, maybe? :0

Jul 28, 2014
Darkdarkray says...

yep it's been a while ''^^

Ahhh YuruYuri :), did you like it?

Well I'm pretty sure that i don't hear anything korean in your vid's.^^

Are you living in the US since childhood or what? :)

write soon ;)

Jul 25, 2014
Shivichan says...

Sou desu ka.....They say Anohana is the most heartwrenching anime ever. Good luck with that. ◕ ‿ ◕

Just for time pass, how's Yuruyuri? :)

Jul 24, 2014
Darkdarkray says...


checked your Youtubechannel ^^ 

You're pretty funny, keep going! :D

Maybe I'm stupid and you mentioned it above, but where're you from? 


Jul 24, 2014
Shivichan says...

Yes! And it has badass animation too ! (*^^*) But it's reallly slow paced. But totally beautiful.  ♡

Whatcha doin these days?  (*^ワ^*)

Jul 20, 2014