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I'm pretty much an all around anime watcher.  I like most all genres and am always looking for new stuff to watch.  I mostly get my anime off netflix because that is really the only available place for me.  My favorite animes are Gungrave, Claymore, Fighting Spirit, Kurau, and Welcome to the NHK.  I have been watching anime for about 15 years starting off with DBZ and have really gotten into it since then.

I am also a big PS3 all around gamer who likes to collect trophies on the games.

I don't like to lie so I'll admit that I'm pretty lazy.  Got an easy job where I can make just enough to live off of so I have a lot of free time.  And spend most of my time either watching anime, tv, or playing video games. And I'll also admit to something a lot of people here won't like, I like to watch dubbed anime because I hate reading subtitles.  :P  But I will occasionally watch subbed if there is no dubbed version like Clannad which I loved.

If anyone knows any good anime shops or anything around the Daytona Beach/Central Florida area let me know.

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May 11, 2011

Welcome to anime planet, generic anime watcher ;)!

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