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Yosuga no Sora

Disclaimer: The following review is a rant. I did not edit it, and I wrote it a few hours after finishing the series. If it doesn’t make any sense, that’s probably why. It also may contain minor spoilers, but by the ending of this review, I hope you don’t care that a few plot points get spoiled as you never plan on watching this anime in your life.


If Tommy Wiseau went over to Japan and wrote a script for an anime and had it translated into Japanese by a bunch of secondary school students, it actually may become a better anime than Yosuga no Sora. If you found a random story on fanfiction.net and make it into an anime script, there’s a good chance that it will be better than Yosuga no Sora. If Twilight were made into an anime…oh wait, it already has.

It is rare for me to watch a story this bad to its conclusion, so I’ll give you the short story about why I watched this awful show in the first place. I picked it up with nothing but a picture and a vague Anime News Network description to go by (which now I have learned is a very bad idea). At the beginning of the season, I promised never to drop a currently running anime again after missing out on Ookami-san and Occult Academy last season. So I watched Yosuga no Sora, all…twelve…episodes.

There are recommendations between this anime and the Key works Air and Kanon, but this story is almost the antithesis of what made those anime likable. First, it’s omnibus format, which would not be so bad on its own. The problem comes when the transitions throughout the entire series are so awkward and confusing that the viewer is thrown aback every time the scene changes. Often one can’t tell whether a scene is a dream, a flashback, foreshadowing, or the next event in the story. Another problem is that each arc does not seem to have any consequence. At the end of every arc the protagonist has sex with one of the girls. What is its message? The drama before the last arc was all hypothetical, nonexistent, and served no purpose other than to build up tension before an inevitable, awkward sex scene. The only comparison I can draw is to The Room. The repetitiveness and awkwardness are at the same level I thought was only possible in independent movies.

And the ending was complete and utter nonsense. When one is hoping for a bad end, it’s already an indication of a poorly written story. What’s even worse is that the series teases a bad end, and then throws some sort of reset that was, like the rest of the series, awkward and nonsensical. At times, the viewer doesn’t know whether the last five minutes are an alternate universe, flash forward, or a continuation of events. The ambiguity isn’t artistic like Lain, it’s just plain bad writing.

The chibi portions were often better than the episode itself, but as they got more sexually pointed, I lost interest in them as well. It’s a shame that Modoka only had about a minute of screentime in the main piece as her story is less painful to watch than the garbage the writers threw together for the main protagonist.

If I could give this section a 0/10 I would have. There is just no entertainment in this story whatsover.


The animation was by far the best part of the anime, although at times it seemed flawed as well. The CGI integration was clumsy, and I’ve seen better in terms of backgrounds and character designs. There weren’t really any “wow” moments in the series in terms of animation, except perhaps the sex scenes, and that “wow” wasn’t a compliment. And did Nao’s breasts really have to bounce every single time she moved? I’ve written about fanservice in animation before, but this anime makes High School of the Dead look like Sesame Street in terms of erotic content.


When OPs  and EDs take up 4:30 of an anime, they better be spectacular and varied. They were certainly not varied, and the same 4:30 of every episode was used up in the same way. The OP was actually surprisingly good, which means that the story went downhill, no, fell off a cliff after the first 1:30. The first ED was so boring I skipped it most of the time, and the second ED was catchy but kind of weird.

The voices were mediocre at best and very often overacted. I don’t think I believed one dramatic moment in the series, and I only felt sorry for any of the characters twice, and that sympathy soon vaporized as I listened to their poorly acted portrayal of wangst.


If I could score this section a 0 I would. As a whole, this is the most unlikable cast I have ever seen in anime, and I would struggle to name a work with a more unlikable group of characters.

The gray haired protagonist is somehow a chick magnet, and he seems to be surprised for the first half of the series whenever a girl latches on to him. However, in the second half of the series, he does a complete inversion and seems to latch on to the girls more often than they latch on to him. The first two girls were likable at first, until the writers decided that sex was more important than character development, and they suddenly gained a lust for the protagonist. Their arcs individually were disappointing as a whole, and it didn’t really matter as any character development that did occur was erased by the omnibus format of the series. The childhood friend was just a simple childhood friend, although she also seemed to find sex to be more important than friendship. There was even the obligatory student council president, who didn’t get any development until the last two episodes and…I don’t even think I got her name.

Oh, did I mention that this was an incest anime? So of course there’s a little sister whose supposed to be liked by the viewers so that they sympathize with the protagonist when he struggles between his love and social taboos, right? Well, like the other incest anime this season, the little sister was unlikable, only this time it was far worse. Sora did nothing but complain when she didn’t get her way, and may possibly be the horniest character I’ve ever seen in media. If she can’t have her brother, she throws a hissy fit and makes everyone’s life miserable. How is the viewer supposed to sympathize with her, her friends, or her sibling?


There are many more problems in this anime than I am willing to write about in this review. The only way to truly depict how awful the anime is would be to make a minute by minute commentary on every single episode showing how each scene dooms this anime towards the position “worst of all time.” I just hope that I have included enough examples prove my point. Don’t watch this anime. If you’re so desperate for porn, go watch a hentai. Overall, this anime is like the worst of hentai with a high budget and yet can still somehow be shown on television. This anime should be banned from the airwaves, not for its sexual content, but for its insult to the genre of harem romances.

0.1/10 story
7/10 animation
4/10 sound
0.1/10 characters
0.5/10 overall
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FreddyCrab says...

Haha the Twilight/Vampire Knight comment made me laugh xD Good review! :P I enjoyed reading it! :) Besides, we have plenty of reviews about Yosuga No Sora anyway on AP, we don't need every single one to be a serious one full of deep philosophical technicalities xD

Jan 30, 2012
RedCrossRobbery says...

Fairly low-key review... your entire argument is based off of opinion, and not a lick of technical review...I agree that the series was bland, and wholly unenjoyable, but still... don't be so petty with your analysis :p

Jul 9, 2011
DavidWP says...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PE-zJ3VQ8Wo - I reference your review in this rant about this anime and school days; tell me what you think.

Jul 2, 2011
Darknight234 says...

Dude i was tryin to watch the anime and i got to friken episode 7 and still confused as hell... i agree with your review man... but the only thing i dont get is who the hell is he really in love with this gets me so friken fustrated and all of this is making me mad cause i dont know what is goin on.. like first he screws migawa-chan and then akira-chan i dont know what the hell this anime is for but it gets my mind so boggles i feel like im fixin to explode... but the animation and the drawings are pretty good though...

May 27, 2011
aimelovez14 says...

The Twilight reference and Vampire Knight... really. I loved Vampire Knight, not similar to Twilight at all.



Mar 25, 2011