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OP/ED Tandems

26 MAR

There are many great anime openings. There are (not as) many great anime endings. However, when an anime has both an excellent OP and ED that function together as a unit, it is something truly special. The OP serves the purpose of setting the mood of the show, usually an upbeat song that gets the adrenaline moving. The ED should serve the opposite purpose, not be distracting but act as a mellow sign off. There are a couple of exceptions on the list, but always there is a contrast between the two bookends that allow for a rounded feeling to the show.

I will refrain from making unnecessary comments. I simply post the songs and allow you  to decide for yourself. Note that these were selected primarily on a musical basis, but the visuals did have some impact on my decision.

There are two honorable mentions that just missed the cut.

Honorable mention: Aria (Season 1):


Why it missed the cut: I love the OP/ED, but they're both the same style and serve the same function, so they're not really a "tandem" by the definition I set.

Honorable Mention: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's

Eternal Blaze/Spiritual Garden

Why it missed the cut: I had it on the list originally, but then was like "oh crap, I forgot about [insert anime here]."

10. Welcome to the NHK! (first set)

Puzzle/Odoru Akachan Ningen

9. Tsubasa Reservior Chronicle Season 1


8. Bakemonogatari (all sets)

I chose this one mostly because I loved all the OPs of this anime, and the ED was just amazing. For this list, I chose my favorite OP.

Renai Circulation/Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari

7. K-On!! (Season 2, second set)


Sorry for the flipped songs. They were the only TV size versions I could find.

6. Clannad (season 1)

Megumeru/Dango Daikazoku

After Story is my favorite anime of all time, but this tandem just edges out the After Story one.

5. Puella Magi Madoka Magica


4. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Cruel Angel's Thesis/Fly Me To the Moon

This was the one I forgot about (HOW?). I didn't really love the ED as much as the ones below, thus the lower rank.

3. Angel Beats!

My Soul Your Beats/Brave Song

2. Outlaw Star (first set)

Through the Night/Seihou Bukyou

As of this post, I just started watching Outlaw Star with my university's anime club. So far I haven't seen the other sets for the OP/ED, but this one is pure win.

And of course...#1 is

1. Cowboy BeBop

Tank/The Real Folk Blues

Here's a playlist of all the videos. Feel free to comment on any anime I idiotically omitted.


default avatar Netosmar
Mar 26, 2011

Way too much time on your hands. Just wanted to be the first one to say XP.

I liked your choices, even thought I haven't watched most of those anime. To add, Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni did an awesome contrast(with the OP being a scary and crazy song that puts you on the mood, and the ED being a sad and calm melody that makes you think about all that the characters are going through). Also, I really love the Azumanga Daioh combination(happy and upbeat OP with an awesome and very emotional ED).

sacchi avatar sacchi
Mar 26, 2011

Screw that, I'm mention GTO OP2 and ED2, Death Note OP1 and ED1, Shakugan no Shana OP1 ED1, Shikabane Hime: Kuro op1 ed1, Soul Eater OP2 ED2, freaking awesome SCHOOL RUMBLE OP1 AND ED1. Not to mention Haruhi, you missed THAT.


Also, last time I checked I dont' think FLCL had an OP, but the ending song is great.


PS. Couldn't decide what Eureka Seven OP and ED combo I like most. T_T

sacchi avatar sacchi
Mar 26, 2011

Gurren Lagann first OP and ED are pretty nice IMO. Darker than Black OP1 and ED1 make a nice contrast, it starts all quickly and the ending is more slow-paced. The same could also be said of D. Gray Man OP3 and ED3. There are countless other shows with great Openings and Endings...too lazy to name them all.

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