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I'm more of a glasses man myself.

Before you read any of the below, I'd like to remind you that we all have differing opinions, perceive different anime with varying mindsets, and therefore may disagree as to how to evaluate certain anime. This applies to manga and light novels as well. Also, ponies.

If you're reading this, you either A) clicked it by accident and will close the tab now or B) are interested in my anime preferences.

Personally, I'm a Civil Engineer in New York. I spend most of my time these days playing video games and bugging my friends by saying "no I haven't watched the latest episode of [fill in the anime here]" while playing said games.

I'll watch pretty much any anime as long as I find it interesting. My favorite genres are varied, but I tend to enjoy high drama (a.k.a. melodrama or forced drama) more than anything else. There are some genres from which I tend to stay away, in particular the so-called "ecchi" genre. When attempting to judge an anime "objectively" (I will contend that this is impossible) there is one standard that I hold above all others, and it isn't a category you will find in site reviews. An anime's ability to affect the emotions of the viewer directly impacts the overall quality. If there is no emotional response, then the flashing images, sound, story, and even the characters mean nothing.

Generally my reviews follow the same criteria, just converted to a 10 point scale.

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After sifting through your profile for a while i've found myself a lot of great looking anime and manga i didnt know existed so thankyou! im really keen for some of these ^_^

Sep 7, 2016
Weeapoop says...

Oh it's just me Nate. I saw your review on Facebook, so I made a random troll account to follow. Nice reviews. 

Jul 26, 2016
NegativeImage says...

Your ultimate anime ranking list is life xD You are very chill sir

Jul 10, 2016
RallyVincent says...

Hi XPlayer.

Thanks for writing a review on Watamote. It convinced to watch the show, and I liked it very much.



Feb 1, 2016
XxZeroeZxX says...

Hey buddy *pats back*

How's it goin :)

Oct 28, 2015