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about me

I hate writing biographies..

Well, I'll fill in a few details about me. I'm a Finn and watching anime is one of my hobbies (surprise, surprise). I study Finnish and literature at the university of Joensuu and I also go to the music academy to develop my singing skills and techniques. During my time off school, I'm having a great time attending to some dog training with my Australian Shepherd "Rini".

I watch anime from different genres, though I appreciate if some humour is included. I'm a typical woman when it comes to romance: I like watching anime of that sort too. Drama must be included, of course. Action-based animes are ok, I've managed to stick with Naruto and Bleach even though I thought I would die during the endless filler episodes. I loved Fate/Stay Night and still hope Fate Hollow Ataraxia will come sooner or later. Making the top 5 was a hard task for me to do: there are more than 5 wonderful series I've seen.

I've seen many animes but - thanks to my unique taste - I haven't been able to finish all of them. There're a lot of animes in my dropped list, mostly because if the first episode doesn't fascinate me, I usually drop the series right away.

My bio probably doens't make any sense at all. What's done is done. See ya around!

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Hikaru avatar Hikaru

Great Profile!

Sep 22, 2008

Nice profile, althou it really is not a autobio.

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