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I'm RJ, a gamer and anime/manga fan.

So much left to watch. I will never finish my list, but I plan to at least minimize it to almost completely new anime only.

Haven't been watching anime much recently but I'm planing on changing that this year. Most of my extra time was mostly focused on watching youtube/twitch videos/streams, as well as gaming on the side. Planning on re-focusing to mostly anime this year to try and catch up a bit.

Recently most played games list, as of 12/25/2013:

Path of Exile


Risk of Rain

Diablo 3 (prep for RoS mostly)

Tons of games I want to play through and anime to complete, but time is a fierce nemesis.

If only...

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miserywolf says...

kool i might have to watch it then XD

Jul 4, 2010
miserywolf says...

lol still a lot XD dont feel bad i have no life either :P is gundam 00 pretty good?

Jul 4, 2010
miserywolf says...

jeez lol thats a ton of anime XD gl catching it all up :P

Jul 4, 2010
miserywolf says...

heyo hows you? what you think of the new anime coming out? XD

Jul 4, 2010
lokishadow says...

You have a good anime top ^^I love xxxHolic and Fate/ stay night

Mar 9, 2010