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I'm RJ, a gamer and anime/manga fan.

So much left to watch. I will never finish my list, but I plan to at least minimize it to almost completely new anime only.

Took a while but i am finally getting back to watching anime. Though still playing games on the side while watching them.

Recently most played games list, as of 10/23/2014:

Final Fantasy XIV

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!

Games to get back into:


Diablo 3 RoS


Risk of Rain


Quite a few more single player and rogue-lites to get around to, but FFXIV is eating a lot of time to get things I want done in it.

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miserywolf says...

kool i might have to watch it then XD

Jul 4, 2010
miserywolf says...

lol still a lot XD dont feel bad i have no life either :P is gundam 00 pretty good?

Jul 4, 2010
miserywolf says...

jeez lol thats a ton of anime XD gl catching it all up :P

Jul 4, 2010
miserywolf says...

heyo hows you? what you think of the new anime coming out? XD

Jul 4, 2010
lokishadow says...

You have a good anime top ^^I love xxxHolic and Fate/ stay night

Mar 9, 2010