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Hmm. I'll begin by saying that I'm not usually one to blog; therefore my experience is fairly limited. Anywho, I'll start by giving some anime background on myself.

I was introduced to anime (manga, technically) around the age of 13 I would say. One of my friends at the time showed me the first few Love Hina books and I loved what I saw. Ok, technically I had seen various episodes of Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z, Speed Racer, etc., but at the time I was unaware of the existence of anime (not to mention I saw very little). Over the next few years, this friend was my only source of manga and I soaked up what I could while at his house. As I entered High School I finally had the opportunity to meet other people who also were familiar with and enjoyed anime.

The first anime I really started watching in full was Bleach (I picked it up due to a recommendation from a person at school). At the time my family had dial-up internet, so I would use my various computer courses at school to download 2-3 episodes a day onto a flash drive I carried with me. I stayed with bleach for a year or two, and eventually got bored of it somewhere around the 80th episode. It wasn't until my senior year that I was reintroduced to anime by none other than the Miyazaki films! Princess Mononoke and Howl's Moving Castle pulled me back into anime extremely fast and it wasn't long until I was hunting down more.

I discovered a site (which has since been shut down) that provided free, high quality streaming of various subbed anime, and had a great community to boot. This was what triggered my primary immersion into the world of anime where I was introduced to such great series as Fullmetal Alchemist, Elfen Lied, Code Geass, and Death Note. I was discouraged when the site shut down and took some time off anime for a year or so until I discovered anime-planet. Access to a database of ratings and recommendations helped me find new shows to watch with ease.

I'm now 20 years old and more into anime then ever (I'm very good at turning people who used to look down on anime as well :)). I am very optimistic about the future anime I plan on viewing and hope to inform you all of my opinions and such in the near future! Thanks for reading!

(Hopefully this wasn't too long, and/or boring >_>)

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