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Top 20 Anime:

    1. Cowboy Bebop
    2. Xam'd: Lost Memories
    3. Full Metal Panic!
    4. Ah! My Goddess TV
    5. Black Lagoon
    6. Clannad After Story
    7. Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Team
    8. Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann
    9. Hellsing
    10. Gungrave
    11. Blue Gender
    12. Fullmetal Alchemist
    13. Eureka Seven
    14. Utawarerumono
    15. Spice and Wolf
    16. Suzuka
    17. Shuffle!
    18. Chrono Crusade
    19. Kurenai
    20. Vandread

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      I adore these characters


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      eur3ka Jul 18, 2008

      YES! i cant wait till the movie comes out

      Icey Jul 16, 2008

      Just announced - Black Lagoon is getting a 3rd season!

      Icey Jul 16, 2008

      So FMP Fumoffu has been on my want list for ages.... but I guess I have been kinda saving it as I know I'm going to love watching this.

      Itazura - yep I'm up to date... I'm a little surprised that they are already married as of the last episode - typically this would be the series ending but that if obviosuly not the case here. It is definitely a great show.

      Nodame I added to my want list based on your previous rec.... but I think I still need to aquire it.

      Funny you mention Hellsing... I was just thinking about it as I know it is in your top 20. Actually I saw 3~6 episodes many years back when I was visting my brother in CA. So, time for me to fix that hole... I have added it to my want list and will go on the hunt.

      Thats for the rec of Chrono Crusade - I have just added it to my want list. Interestingly when I checked the AP database I can see that almost all the other shows linked to CC I have seen and many I have highly rated.

      Lastly I re-started Death Note. I actually saw the first episode ages ago and immediately dropped the show. Big mistake! Someone else on AP told me I HAD to watch it so I gave it another shot and I have to admit the show is superb!

      Chat to ya soon!

      Icey Jul 15, 2008

      Mi-HiME - another one which I know is on your want list.

      I've watched the first 12 episodes and when I saw the last one - a cake making contest due to poor school grades I knew this was another show for the chopping block.

      I think I have been torturing myself by forcing to stick through sucky shows lately and I need that to stop. Again this show seemed like it had all the right stuff - girls with powers fighting evil monsters while a love interest ticks along in the background. Unfortunately the romance is almost non-existent so far, I don't care about any of the characters or find them remotely interesting and the overall powers/monsters is not enough to make this show worthwhile.

      Man I need to watch something good....

      Icey Jul 14, 2008

      Hi Mate! I thought it was time for another quick update.

      Watched Over Drive during the weekend... It sounded like something I would enjoy being along the lines of the other sports/romance anime I have seen and I know it is on your want list. It starts off okay - typical loser guy likes hot girl and takes an interest in sports to help him change and excel. However, after the first 8~10 episodes which are focused on the girl/guy it becomes totally about the cycle race. It's very similar to shows like Hajime no Ippo (boxing) and Price of Tennis in some respect - both of which are very focused on the sports and less on the relationship. Bottom line if you do plan to watch this put it way down on your list.

      Also I saw the first 4 episodes of Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo - I don't think this show is listed on the AP database. Romance/Harem type with everyone living in a school dorm. Seemed like it should be good.... but the show breaks down into 2 episodes per girl and their interaction with the guy. So I think I will now drop the show as I really am not finding this interesting.

      Apart from that I finished the awesome Metal Gear Solid 4! :)