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Top 20 Anime:

    1. Cowboy Bebop
    2. Xam'd: Lost Memories
    3. Full Metal Panic!
    4. Ah! My Goddess TV
    5. Black Lagoon
    6. Clannad After Story
    7. Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Team
    8. Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann
    9. Hellsing
    10. Gungrave
    11. Blue Gender
    12. Fullmetal Alchemist
    13. Eureka Seven
    14. Utawarerumono
    15. Spice and Wolf
    16. Suzuka
    17. Shuffle!
    18. Chrono Crusade
    19. Kurenai
    20. Vandread

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      Icey says...

      Hi Mate, sorry I didn't watch the OVA's I just saw the 6-episode series as listed on AP. Oh and another rec for you: Elf Ban Kakyuusei - good short romance series.

      So, I watched Blue Gender last week following your advice. I have to be honest after watching the first one or two episodes I was thinking "what the heck has he got me watching...!" But actually I got into it and it was quite decent. My only issue with the show is that the male lead character was kinda irritating. I'm not fond of whining whimps which is how he came over for most of the show but I definitely liked the female leads character.

      I've been playing catch up on a few on my long running shows lately... so I finished Naruto and watched all the episodes of Naurto Shippuunden that have aired to date. One Piece and Bleach are next... on and I also started Shakugan no Shana II yesterday and am about half way through.

      Right I'll leave it there for now. Take it easy!

      Jun 9, 2008
      Icey says...

      Hi Mate, let me start by saying to put it into perspective I would have to say that Major is one of the top anime I have had the pleasure of watching. That of course does not mean it is for everybody... but as we both have a good understanding of what the other enjoys I definitely think it is worth you giving it a try.

      Romance: It is there, but it is subtle - all the seasons to date have had some romance. To begin there is some focus on the male leads father, but also for the male lead - Goro, his female friend clearly likes him. As the show progresses there are scenes which clearly nudge the romance along. Bottom line, although romance is not a focus, just like you I want a least some, and the show does have this.

      I can't really say the show has much in the way of comedy, again there will be some comical events - but this is very limited. Drama/Action are the staples of this show. In essence Goro is a good baseball player who loves the game and wants to get to the top. He continues to evolve - in essence "powering up" :) as he takes on bigger challenges. The key is that it is not just about what he does himself but how he effects those around him, primarily his teamates, giving them hope and making them strive to better themselves.

      The dialogue is well written and Goro will also have his highs and lows... but it is always a great feeling when the team is down, and Goro steps in to bring everyone back up. There are also episodes that tug at the heartstrings when bad things happen and this helps to break down the focus baseball.

      Guess I have written quite a bit here... hmm... perhaps I should put some of the above into a rec for AP... but more importantly I guess you can tell how much I think of this show and I really do think you should give it a try.

      Let me know what you decide and of course what you think!

      May 27, 2008
      Icey says...

      Just a quick one. Watched Hanbun no Tsuki..... thanks again for the rec - it was good,.. although a little bit sad with the whole "make the most of the time we have left" senario.

      I also just watched I''s Pure - which I know is in your "want" list. This was definitely quite good and is pretty short at only 6 episodes. You should bump it up your list as a key one to see. Make sure you also get the 5 short bonus episodes. MAKE SURE!!! :) 

      May 18, 2008
      ChibiYaoiOtaku says...

      Fabulous top 20!

      May 15, 2008
      Icey says...

      Thanks man... I added it to my want list.

      I finished the prince of tennis and now I'm watching Hajime no Ippo - a boxing show... looks like I have a thing for sports anime right now.

      Ah I'm also watching D.Gray Man - not really any romance in the same way as Black Lagoon... but still a decent good vs evil show.

      May 14, 2008