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I really should be working more and watching less anime :(

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josiedm Jan 6, 2008

i stalled on la corda d'oro because i couldn't find episodes past 19, they don't have them on you tube. i haven't got stage 6, but i have veoh tv. i really liked la corda d'oro at the time, but i was disappointed that hino (main character) was giving up on her magic violin. i wanted something to happen that meant she could continue playing. i think because i stopped watching that anime with a negative feeling i didn't rate it as highly as i might have done, and don't think so much of la corda d'oro as i did before.

josiedm Jan 5, 2008

i thought ouran was very good and kyo kara maoh was amazing, they are both funny but kyo kara maoh is a touch more serious and has a lot of magic.

vivafruit Dec 30, 2007

Awesome. I'm glad to know my reviews are helping out and even happier that my Mind Game review got someone to watch it.

Reawen Dec 19, 2007

Hahaha, I saw your bio comment on the 'random user' section when dropping by A-P on my lunch break... how appropriate!

And now, back to work... O_o