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I only watched dubbed (mostly). Yes, you heard me...

Hrmmm, I guess I could update this. I haven't really been watching a lot of new anime lately, I'm just about finished with Soul Eater, and am still watching One Piece as new episodes show up on Hulu, but I haven't started any new series lately. My "queue" seems to be as full as ever, guess it just hasn't come up. Though I have bought about half a dozen more series on DVD, but other than re-watching a few (woo Trigun, haven't seen this in forever) nothing really new.


A few of my favorites:

Fullmetal Alchemist - Excellent series, good action, story, characters, everything.

Witch Hunter Robin - Possibly my favorite, I can't quite decide why though. The style and characters are awesome, and the story is deep enough to stay entertained to the end.

FLCL - Bit of an oddball, but this is an excellent (though short) series that makes fun of itself and anime in general in a great way.

Kiki's Delivery Service - Possibly not the best Myazaki/Studio Ghibli film, but holds a special place as the first of his works I saw, though I reccommend all of them.

Hack//Sign - The story in //Sign is a bit slow to get started, but I loved the characters and music.

Baccano! - Just... awesome. Perfect amounts of story, comedy, action, everything.

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CJxthexAnimexLord Apr 6, 2009

Hmmm ppl seem to be commenting on your dub comment lol.. although its sad u only watch dub, i will say that Fullmetal Alchemist(pure epic) is great to watch both subbed and dubbed so i guess u didnt really miss much one that one :D

Meomix Oct 1, 2008

Did you say dubbed!? haha lies! lies i tell you, horrible translation.

Najaraja Oct 1, 2008

Now, now.  Not all dubs are bad.  Welcome to AP, where the men are men and sheep are nervous!

M60Berserker Oct 1, 2008

Welcome to A-P! Hope you'll enjoy the site ^^,

I only watch animes with the original sound. I always found that the American voice actors were terrible, and that they had bad translations,, I did watch Elfen Lied in both english and japanese though.

Termia Sep 30, 2008

Hiya, and welcome to the main site of AP ;)

dubs aren't the best you can watch.... but i won't say it's bad, just watch anime the way you like :)