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Yay, I'm so bored that I'll....

15 JUN

Reread GetBackers today, and it's like the fourth time I do that :D and, I'm soon done with PoT, I'm at the semifinals national xD and except that, I'... read more

My brain won't really work today :D

14 JUN

Okay, for those that have nothing to do xD if 18 (written as arton in swedish) is nrtoa what is then 19 (in swedish written as nit... read more

Today, I ate to much xD

14 JUN

Yup, that's the truth, to much for breakfeats, and then a lot for lunch and then cake...... Wow, I feel like puking :P Hmm, guess that's all to say to... read more

Thanks :D

13 JUN

Thanks to kieiPL I have once againg something to read ;) Thank u very much :D and now my next useless babbling xD Volleyboll or Die, Beelzebub chapter... read more

Gaaaaaaaaaaah, it's a big ZERO!!!!

12 JUN

That's right, super right, unbelievebal (i didn't spell that right, did I? xD )right...... I Have NOTHING to READ AGAIN!!!!!!! xD why mee? whyy.......... read more