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about me

Most people will not agree with me here but some will.

I am an ANTI Naruto fan because, although its liked by quite a few people, its just under what I like to call a "mature level" for my style of anime. I like them to lean toward nonfiction but I still enjoy fictional animes.


And I dont like BLEACH because its just not my cup of tea. I like its style, the characters, an the idea of the souls in the swords, just not its storyline. :D

Anyways... If its got guns gore a cute girl and a story that makes you want to cry when its over, then Im all game.

I always seem to get depressed when I finish a really awesome anime. Especially when I KNOW its the END and I feel that I will never see my favorite character again. But then I just hop on A-P an you guys help me find some better MEDS for my fix. ty all ^_^

If you think you have a good recommendation just especially for me then comment below :D

Thanks for reading all of that NOW GO WATCH SOMETHING IN MY TOP 5!

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Nyu avatar Nyu

You Rock!

Apr 16, 2008

hey, I read your recomendation for gantz and elfen lied, its really good! Theyve got to kill Kurono Kai!!! thats how far I've got in GANTZ... I was like NOOOOOOOOOOO  :-O when Kurono's name came up on the gantz screen... they cant kill the awesome guy!! .. I hope he doesnt die... but I guess that means he'll have to kill ALL the other people... eek... yeah I am totally hooked... I cant wait to see what happens... just thought I'd let you know what I thought of it so far! :-)

Nyu avatar Nyu

Thanks! ^_^

Apr 15, 2008

thanks for adding me! I got GNATZ today... and started watching it... it is really good so far! the music in it is pretty awesome too! I've watched 3 episodes so far... will watch more tonight of course :-)  green onion aliens... I hate onions >.<

Nyu avatar Nyu


Apr 14, 2008

Hi... nice top 3! I'm going to watch GNATZ as soon as it comes in the post, it sounds awesome! x

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