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Most people will not agree with me here but some will.

I am an ANTI Naruto fan because, although its liked by quite a few people, its just under what I like to call a "mature level" for my style of anime. I like them to lean toward nonfiction but I still enjoy fictional animes.


And I dont like BLEACH because its just not my cup of tea. I like its style, the characters, an the idea of the souls in the swords, just not its storyline. :D

Anyways... If its got guns gore a cute girl and a story that makes you want to cry when its over, then Im all game.

I always seem to get depressed when I finish a really awesome anime. Especially when I KNOW its the END and I feel that I will never see my favorite character again. But then I just hop on A-P an you guys help me find some better MEDS for my fix. ty all ^_^

If you think you have a good recommendation just especially for me then comment below :D

Thanks for reading all of that NOW GO WATCH SOMETHING IN MY TOP 5!

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Nyu Apr 30, 2008

Hey, hows you?

Iahel Apr 21, 2008

There is a bunch of sites where you can read manga online...

For example One Manga. And even more where you can download it.

You really should read manga, because last 5 episodes made up by Gonzo, in my opinion they are crap =)

Iahel Apr 18, 2008

Have you read manga Gantz? As for me it's a way better than anime...

Nyu Apr 18, 2008

Yeah the ending was good... maybe... because we didnt see Kai on the train tracks he got transported off to GANTZ's new place? I hope he didnt die too...

Nyu Apr 17, 2008

hey... I've finished it! sorry to keep bugging you about gantz... I'm not sure about the ending... is it one of those ones where you can interpret it different ways do you think?? ooo and yeah if you do find any other series as good as it please tell me!!