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I'm Jenna but call me Solty, I dunno why but I always want ppl to call me dat. I'm 11 ^^ I like animes soo much! Soo... if you wanna recommend me zumtin' tell me ^^ and... I HATE school!! Why?? cuz I cant watch animes cuz of it!! lolzz, dats all buh-bye

PS: any1 noticed dat 'studying' is 'student' & 'dying' together!? no wonder my head hurts while studying x3

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sorcerer101 Aug 12, 2009

I like All chapter, cuz when u wait for the next chapter and then read that chapter u love that chapter, but then u wit for an another chapter, and u lik that one also so, i sorta lik all of them. Thats because i'm a picky person.

sorcerer101 Aug 11, 2009

Yea! I'm jus waiting for the next chapter!^^

sorcerer101 Aug 11, 2009

Mine is Tadase with Amu, Ikuto with amu, the purple hair guy with rima, the basketball guy with rima, amu with kukai, samurai guy with amu or yaya, kukai with utau too!^^

sorcerer101 Aug 10, 2009

I llove ur avatar, signiture and snime list!!! I love shugo chara and doki too!Put a smile on ur face and say "Wassap!"^^

ShadowNinja41 Aug 4, 2009

I just finished watching Skip Beat! and I absolutely LOVED it!!!! :) I'm so glad I asked you about it or else I would have waited a pretty long time before watching it.Thank you for recommending it! :)