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Admittedly, I probably havn't spent as much time on anime as most of this site's users, but because I spend almost all of what little free time I have watching it, I figured I might as well make an account (even if simply to keep track of what I've seen ^_^)

It could be a few days (or weeks, or... something?) before I actually post anything relevant, but I intend on starting reviews and or recomendations shortly of what little I have seen. Any and all blank rankings are simply due to the fact that either I havn't seen an Anime recently, or that I havn't decided how many stars it deserves.

I'm open to any and all suggestions on anime (though my "want to watch" list is rapidly catching up to my "watched" list as it is). Keep in mind that any unranked anime I either cant remember very well (or at all) or didnt really care too much for. For example, I watched the various -mons and yu-gi-yo when i was still too young to know the distinction between cartoons and anime.

I am fully aware that very few (if any) people will care about my opinions, and I don't expect anyone to agree with them. I'm just here because I feel like being here and see no reason I shouldn't be.

Cheers ^_^

Edit: its been a couple years, and I still havn't written anything, so make that shortly a shortly tm

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What?! No manga ratings?

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