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Bachelor of Arts in Japanese Language and Culture. Currently picking my anime interest back up! This also means I will be sitting around in the IRC channel.

Absence period: 2007-2014

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YAHRICE says...


d00d.... Yur--.... yur avatar... ;_;

It makes mine look like a sack of turd. u_u

I've been beat! D: 

Sep 2, 2007
sothis says...

Now all you need is an avatar, and then your profile will show up in the random user spot and you'll probably get lots of random comments, hehe!

Besides, it's a rule that all the top recommenders must have totally filled out profiles! >:E

Aug 28, 2007
angelbell says...

HI Nice recomendations! Hope to talk to ya soon!

Aug 19, 2007
Shadowsofchaos says...

Hey whats going on? well i see you do a lot of recommendations so i wanted to see what you might recommend to me. I watch a ton of anime, some of my favs are Bleach, Claymore, Hellsing Ova, Fate/stay night, Yu Yu hakusho, Kenshin, Naruto, things along that line. Any help finding something new would be appreciated.

Jul 25, 2007
Quickben says...

ahh come on the poka masta have to have an bio too cant go on without one who knows what i need to know next time we play poka soccer a pink charizard will not work evertime or will it?

Jul 21, 2007