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Bachelor of Arts in Japanese Language and Culture. Currently picking my anime interest back up! This also means I will be sitting around in the IRC channel.

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Lolo says...

Wow that is an awesome avi...I love it!

I was walking out to my car yesterday after work and I saw a blue heron on top of my car so I was like "Yo bird get off my car I have to go home now find another place to rest!" He looked at me with his beady little eye and continued to sit there defiantly. I started waving my arms at him yelling "Shoo!" but to no avail he just sat there staring at me. So I stared him down



 Frustrated at this point I bowed my head and said "Please?" ...He jumped off my car and walked away with out a second look...kindness goes a long way I guess... just a random story have a groovy day! - the marvelous captain lolo

Sep 18, 2007
Reawen says...

Random comments about avatars:

1. Every time I see your site avatar, it scares me. o_O

2. I was taking screenshots yesterday and I took one that looked familiar... then I realized it was your forum avatar. Which I find hilarious and therefore does not scare me. ^_^

/random comment

Sep 10, 2007
tetra says...

Nope, no way. You do not have bad taste. As your mentor and partner in taste I approve. And since everyone know that I have impecable taste in anime yours is perfect too. (but not as perfect as mine)

Sep 9, 2007
zunes says...

Hiya XMrNiceguyX! Just had to drop by and leave a hi from your friend zunes ^^ man your picture is MANIC :-DDDD

Sep 7, 2007
OneiChan says...

Wow, an entire profile! 

I wouldn't say you have bad taste... just a lot of taste. You have seen a shitload of anime. I do have to say... I just finished Eiken and I cant make myself agree that it should get 3 stars, hahaha. I like ecchi, quite a bit actually... but I kinda thought that one was..well... just bad :p I think I gave it 1.5. Ebichu is up next, I have higher hopes for it... as it was a rec for Ping Pong Club. Anyways, I enjoyed picking through your anime list, it just took me a long time :D 

Sep 6, 2007