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Student Japanese and hence quite interested in Anime and Manga. Know a lot anime up to 2006 by name (provided it's been subbed) and seen a healthy amount as well.

While currently somewhat inactive, I'm NO LONGER idling in the IRC channel as kick-bot and occasional chatter.

I've also decided to update my profile now after popular request. Be warned: Bad taste supreme.

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February 16, 2007

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July 2, 2010

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Migandas avatar Migandas

Thanks! ^_^

Apr 9, 2008

Thanks! I thought you speak Dutch so I wrote my question in Dutch as well... I planned to get some information about those classes, and now I know where to look.... Thank you very much... :)

Migandas avatar Migandas


Apr 3, 2008

Hey... Vraagje... Waar studeer jij Japans? ^_^

Ergens in Nederland of in het buitenland? 

factualpuddle avatar factualpuddle


Nov 6, 2007

rikku said something about it, but a user with elfen lied as their fav, i love it, but still need to finish=[[[

1010rikku avatar 1010rikku

Cool Top 5 Anime!

Oct 30, 2007

*waves hello to another member who has elfen lied as their fav anime*

ToiletsAfterHer avatar ToiletsAfterHer


Oct 25, 2007


that automatically = you're awesome!

heck you've even watched excel saga and liked it :p hehe

your so called "bad taste supreme" (yeah right) and my paulaness..we could make a pizza or something! lol :)

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