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Anime Toplist

All my 5/5 (OR 10/10) rated stuff, ordered starting from best. Disclaimer: These ratings are made based on overall enjoyment. Gorgeous art, animation and music is not a requirement.

DAMC (Daily Anime Marathon Club) canonical shows

This list contains shows which we consider canon for everyone interested in finding out what the Daily Anime Marathon Club is all about. DAMC events may refer to these shows (NO SPOILERS) and some injokes are related to these shows

Macross Anime Franchise Ranking

Ranking of the Macross franchise after marathon watch (01 Feb. - 29 Feb. 2016) - Sorted by overall rating for each "chapter" in the franchise. Ignored anniversary shorts.

noitanimA Marathon

Shows left for my personal March - May noitanimA Marathon (Slower pace on this one due to personal circumstances). Sequels and future shows omitted