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I really like manga (next come Japanese movies, anime movies and then general anime), &I really love J-rock/Visual Kei ♥__♥ (& yes I know it's a style, not a genre xP)

I've liked anime since I was a kid, but didn't really get that into it until middle-school. I didn't really read much manga until then either (I've read almost every decent manga that's at the libraries in my area [yes, more than one Library]) ^.^

My favorite types of anime/manga are: action, fantasy, horror, comedy, mystery, gothic, "high stakes game", shonen, &shojo.

I'm basically open to any anime/manga....
So - if anyone has anything they would like to reccomend - that'd be great! ^__^

I'm a fourth-year university student majoring in Japanese... [= I have a lot of mangas in Japanese, though there are several that have a lot of kanji with no furigana so I haven't read those yet...(Most of the ones that are simple to read are geared towards children or they're Shojo manga)

**Super exciting study abroad term was super not good in any way xP I met some nice people though...and bought things...woo-hoo...**

Also, since this comes up a lot > NO, I did not decide to learn Japanese because of anime. Honestly, when I started getting back into anime/manga it was because of music, and music was what made me wish to learn Japanese. (Because I wanted to know what was being said, thought the language was interestingly complex and has a nice sound to it...I just have a thing for languages...)


Favorite series...hmm...

Another (anime)
Monster (manga &anime)
Godchild (manga)
Karas (2 movies in the ova series)
Shiki (anime, haven't read the manga yet)
Ghost Hunt (anime &manga)
Immortal Rain (manga)
Gimmick! (manga)
Mononoke (anime)

Current Updates::
I can find 2nd rate "horror" manga for 50yen here (Kichijoji) xD I got 4 on a whim the first day exploring the area...

Manga status defined: Reading=reading (duh!) Stalled=either there are currently no more English vols or the library is missing volumes (reading online makes my computer freeze) or the Japanese store (which is NOT close by-.-) doesn't have the Jap editions in stock. (*mind you, if it's not Shojo they rarely have it, also Shojo manga has far less kanji than more intense manga) Dropped=no reason to continue reading, or the series became to lengthy-I got bored &stopped xD

(Basically the same goes for my anime list.) ^_^

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puriful says...

I noticed you added me as a friend. So I've come by to say hi! A recommendation I have for you is Jyu Oh Sei. Its a bit of a mystery and, in my opinion, extremely good. Hopefully you haven't seen it yet.

And you have read so much manga! I'm impressed :)

Jan 14, 2012
TaliaStar1316 says...

I got bored, decided to stalk &see if you ever watched that anime I reccomended -&felt like saying "hi" xD love ya~

Aug 11, 2011