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Izayoi Sakamaki, who’s bored of the everyday life, wants at least something fun to do. He even claims that if he can sell his boredom, he could make a living out of it. For that reason, he seems to love all kinds of games, and thus joined the Gift Games.

Years ago Izayoi started a game, not a Gift Game but a more regular game. The goal of the game was to find him, almost like hide and seek. He would give money prize if someone found him before the time limit but if they didn't he said he would probably throw a rampage because the world was too boring. Then a woman named Canaria found him three minutes before the time limit. She made him admit defeat. Apparently he created this game to find someone who is somewhat at his level. Then Canaria proposed another game, and if she won, he would be his son, and if he won she would play with him for the rest of her life and provide a wonderful place for him. With this they both went around the world for two years. During this time he learned many things and became an expert on mythology. This is the reason he is so knowledgeable about the Perseus community, and in Episode 7, the story of the Piper of Hamelin . They traveled around the world until Canaria made an orphan institution to help children like Izayoi.

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