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Black Ops? A shitty game.

17 FEB

Today I was hoping Infinite Stratos would come out a day early like it always has but no... guess I gotta wait till tonight. Also I've been praticing quickscoping on MW2 and got a little better. No sniping in Black Ops though. But to be honest I think Black Ops is a piece of shit game. Theres epic lag and I'm getting shot around the corner. WTF? Treyarch spent all their time on making the game have more customization and stuff. Yeah thats all very nice but could you at least make the actual gameplay the same as or even better than MW2? Like seriously. Also today I had to work on a friggin physics packet that has lie 83 questions and is worth 351 points! It's due tomorrow. That took like 2 hours to finish but I would still do that than play Black Ops. Well thats all for today. Cya.

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