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Apr 22, 2012

This anime has constant bad reviews with thoughtless morons saying it's little more thn focusless ecchi, with poor backdrop, undeveloped characters, and far too much fanservice

But this is only what's on the outside. Inside, there's deeper meanin, and even messages hidden in the anime throughout.

Perhaps the main being, that love is important - much more important that what's shown on the surface

I think the anime does well for itself. The under-developed characters are beneficial in having the wartcher focus on the storyline, and the deeper meaning, and not get caught up in the details.

This was never meant to be a "character-development-heavy" anime, and the message is an important, if not complex one; and having too much detail on character would have detracted from that.

All in all, it's a very in-depth anime, disguised as mindless fun. As the series progresses, the naive male character learns more about love, and attactchement, just as his initially headstrong "one-track-mind" female counterpart does.

The male lead is from the sticks, and knows nothing of love, nor city life. A blank canvass on which life has yet to spread it's paint. The female lead - who fixates herself on him, on the other hand is determinedly pushing for love, but does not understand it.

During the couse of the series, the incidents that happen, though seemingly making their relationship and circumstances more difficult, actually prove to bring them closer together, and add depth and meaning to their relationship.

Even the rival that appears does more to bring the two closer together, than to distance them, and one wonders at her true purpose in the storyline. The only fault here, being the final (if typical for the culture) decision to keep her "on hand" - if you get my meaning >> - at the end of the series

Once one realsies the true theme of the series, one can easily forgive the writers' choice to sacrifice in-depth characters, in favour of keeping said theme more universally understandable.

7/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
5/10 characters
8/10 overall
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