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A bit of back story! I first really got into anime when I was 10 (I think), by watching inuyasha on tv with my sister. The next year, naruto started airing, which I got SUPER INTO! I needed more, so I turned to the interwebs and found the magic of fansubs. At this point, i was ADDICTED! I started mainly with shounens, (naruto/bleach/one piece/kenshin/hunter x hunter) but quickly expanded to all types. I would marathon the shit out of 12-24 ep series. This site was a godsend, since I had been watching so much stuff, and loved being able to keep track of everything/make lists.

I only label anime I've watched every episode of "watched". I love anime that absorbs me into their worlds and/or makes me feel strong emotions! I also occasionally enjoy reading manga while listening to music (http://www.last.fm/user/Wrightworth if you wanna see the crazy stuff I listen to :p).

I don't quite have the same focus or attention span these days, and have slowed down heavily on anime/manga. I still have tons of love for it, and try to keep up on a few series at least.

My rating scale:

2 stars = Not good, but a small amount of enjoyment was had. The bad far outweighed the good.

2.5 stars = May have had a few good moments, but overall was fairly boring, or uninteresting. Some enjoyment was had, but not much.

3 stars = Had some good/entertaining moments, though might have been a bit too dull or boring at spots. Enjoyment was had, but not consistently.

3.5 stars = A good and enjoyable watch with some memorable moments. Was missing something to give it a lasting impact, and/or had a few weak points. Enjoyment was had pretty consistently.

4 stars = A very good, entertaining watch that kept me really interested. It might have had some flaws, but my enjoyment far exceeded them. Made a lasting impact, and is memorable to me.

4.5 stars = An awesome, entertaining watch that was extra memorable! It made me feel great things, and had something extra that really affected me.

5 stars = An amazing and memorable series that I have a big attachment to and provides me with memories of enjoyment and happiness! These hold a special place for me.

I'm pretty bad with recommendations, since I'm very indecisive and usually can't think of good things to compare >.<

Mostly subbed! (besides berserk, resident evil: degeneration, and afro samurai resurrection)

For some of my manga (naruto, bleach, one piece, d.gray man), I haven't actually read ALL the chapters since I started at different points where the animes left off (I just wanted to know what happened next!).

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HeatGuyJ avatar HeatGuyJ


Jan 9, 2009

Nice profile, I have a similar taste in anime and also like subbed over dubbed :)

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