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I'm watching anime from a long time. I'm what people call a TRUE Otaku. I could be a HARDCORE Otaku if I would invest a lot of money in all others products like figures, poster, etc... but I find it useless for me as watching anime is already consuming a great part of my life. I'm glad all my friends are anime fan too, not as much as me, but well.

I remember my interest in anime/manga japan industry started around my 3rd grade in elementary school. I got addicted to the manga DragonBall and even started buying all volume till 24 (At that time, only 24 volumes were out in north america). Didn't take me long enough to get addicted to anime when I got a computer fast and strong enough to get fansub anime.

As a veteran anime otaku, i'm quite disappointed in the drop of quality of anime. When you have watched anime from a long time like me (I have been watching anime in his prime), you will notice their is less incredible good anime to watch than before. But it's all part of evolution and going forward, still good anime are coming out every month.

I just wish that sometimes producer and anime director would think a little more in changing the story of the anime from the manga. When you take a great manga like Rosario+Vampire, To-Love-Ru and Asu no Yoichi and make them into anime and the final result is what we have been seeing, you feel like they didn't even care about quality and they were just sleeping while creating this AWFUL stuff.

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chii Dec 9, 2009

oh well if we're talking like that then i'm totally beating you XD as i have everything i've seen plus SO many more series that I still have to watch! :P

chii Dec 9, 2009

if i had money to spend on it i would too! :D

chii Dec 9, 2009

awesome anime list :D

rossthesign Jan 23, 2009

buhahahahah! i really like ya avatar! yessssir! shinjitsu da!