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New to Anime and LOVING IT!! Any suggestions I would love to get. I like the darkerside, Vampires,Guns,Werewolves etc.. Not really into Bubble Gum Anime...I have enjoyed Gun Grave,Naruto,Helsing ( both versions)watching Lime now..so ...lead me my new friends....and I will follow and learn .

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wolfangel87 Nov 16, 2007

Love the avatar!  :)

Saoulmanblaster Nov 6, 2007

CHeck my site all my 5 star opinions are gold! And fix your bio. Animes that are similar to naruto are ,, Bleach, HUnter X Hunter,One piece, Dragonball z etc


With great powers come great responsibility! HAHA i dont know about that! What would you do if you had super powers?

sothis Sep 14, 2007

How goes the anime hunting? :)

Kastrophee Aug 4, 2007

I guess you are not so new to the site anymore, but welcome anyways.  For recs, derfinately take sothis's advice and try Berserk. 

Other ones I can think of, though maybe not a dead hit would be Jin Roh and 3x3 Eyes (Both OVAs are excellent).   This is definately the place to be for anime...

Firestorm Aug 3, 2007

Heh nice bio.  That was the preference for my anime nights for a while, dark story usually with a nice bit of action.  We most recently watched Black Lagoon, Fate Stay Night, Jyu Oh Sei, and we of course continue to watch Claymore.  We also happen to be watching Blood+ right now.  I'd say any of these series should make you very happy.  Viva La Anime!