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Pretear, King of Thorn, and Future Diary!!


I am now the proud owner of Pretear! It's so cool because it's the ENTIRE series!! I just got it today for my birthday. Well... Actually my birthday was yesterday but because of the weather here it just came today. I plan on watching it soon. I'm so excited! My computer has also been lagging for a while on videos so I haven't really been able to watch it online...


Now on something else, I've also been trying to watch King of Thorn. It's been a bit hard because of that lagging problem I mentioned above. It was cool so far even though it is not necessarily following the manga. I mean, not to spoil anything here, but that big secretary or... no not secretary he was a president of like Italy or something, when he got killed it was just weird because that's not when he's supposed to die. I mean King of Thorn appears to be really good on its own if it was just an anime but since it's a manga too...I mean it could have followed the books a bit more accurately but on whole, what I've seen so far is pretty good. The style is pretty accurate and the colors just really bring it to life.


And now for Future Diary!! Wow what a series, I mean it's just so full of plot twists and things I don't see coming. I don't really want to spoil anything here so I'll try to be vague. The main character Yukiteru is so darn cute and Yuno is..... Uh...... She's creepy. Extremely creepy. In fact, a lot of the characters in this series are creepy so there's really no point in pointing out just her... Oh well... She still the creepiest of them all. I mean, all the things she's done... *shudder*. I'm going to try to finish reading Future Diary sometime soon!!




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