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My Top Best One Piece Villains

16 JAN

This is my personal list of who I think are the best villains in One Piece. I hate many of these characters, but I cannot deny their role as a good villain. This is also not in any particular order.

First up is Arlong, former leader of the Arlong Pirates. The thing that gets him on my list is, well, everything he's ever done. From taking over Cocoyashi Village to killing Bellemere to controlling Nami practically her whole life, this fishman did it all. He drove Nami to steal and created her personality as a thief. He made villagers quake in fear at the very mention of his name. He was definitely good in the villain department.

Next is Sir Crocodile, or Mr. Zero. Wow, this guy was the mastermind behind all of Baroque Works. He almost created a full-scale war against the king. And he never even had to lift a finger. He got the billions (or is it millions... I forget) to do everything for him. And, the whole country saw him as a hero until Luffy kicked his butt. And his power from the devil fruit. He was made of freaking sand. No one could even touch him unless they had some kind of liquid on them and were smart enough to realize that as a weakness. Also, let's not forget his hook. It had poison in it!! POISON!! He was just a very detestable guy.

Now to Kuro. Former captain of the Kuroneko Pirates. He starts off as the kind butler who only wants the best for poor, sickly Kaya. But after he is seen talking to Django about his plan, everything in my mind went blank. He had been carrying out this plan for years. Granted, only 3, but that's still years. And that thing he did whenever his glasses slipped. That thing was cool. He brutally murdered his own men and marines. His 'Cat out of the Bag' attack was just so AWESOME. They say curiosity killed the cat, but curiosity never did anything to Kuro.

Eneru. Kami-sama of Skypiea and lightning-user. He was amazing as a villain. Truly. Not only did he zap practically everyone on the Mugiwara crew, he zapped innocent people too. Almost the entire Angel Island felt his 'godly' wrath. Why, you ask? He wanted to go to the moon. That's right, the moon. His insanity zapped his hometown, Zoro, Usopp, many civilians, and Sanji. Twice. And when they thought they knocked him down what does he do? Uses his power to restart his heart. Oh, and before I forget, his ship was epic. Eneru was a great villain.

Finally, Rob Lucci. There are no words to express my hatred for this character. I mean, he started off as the nicest guy (and funny, too). AND THEN HE HAD TO GO AND REVEAL THAT HE'S A VILLAIN. 15 years ago, he killed a kingdom. All 500 people that were hostages, the captain, and the crew because he thought they were weak. He also almost beats Luffy. That whole fight was going in his direction until Usopp magically 'appeared.' Then he got the snot kicked outta him. But still, I think out of every villain on this list, he's the one I hate the most.

Well, there ya go, my list of the best villains in One Piece.


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