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The Girl who Leapt Through Time

14 JAN


So, recently I watched The Girl who Leapt Through Time. IT. WAS. EPIC. Omigosh, there are no words to describe how much I loved this movie.

In the beginning when she was first learning how to Time Leap was amusing. But the part when she accidentally killed Kosuke and his GF, I was about to cry. I'm not saying I don't cry easily, but I don't usually cry during movies. I was just sitting there, in shock, like, "Woah, that didn't just happen, that didn't just happen." And when Chiaki turned out to be from the freaking future I was amazed. And at the end when he left her, I was going cry again. AND THEN HE CAME BACK AND SAID THE BEST LINE EVER. I mean seriously, "I'll be waiting for you." My 'awwwww' sensor went off the charts! And her reply, "I won't be long, I'll come running." AWWWWWWWWW!!! IT'S LOVE, I TELLS YA!!!

But anyway, it was a great storyline, great characters, great everything really. I haven't heard the japanese voices, but I think the dub was actually pretty good.

Do you know when you're really into a book, movie, or manga and you get up to do something else and your brain seems foggy? That's how I felt after watching this, which is a sign that I really liked it.

And then I started thinking. 'So, what if there are alternate time streams where everthing happened in the different Time Leaps?' Like, there'd be a stream where Matoko dies, one where Chiaki and the friend stay together, and one where Kosuke and his GF die. I think the one where Matoko dies would be the saddest because everyone would be very depressed.

That's my weird rambling~


And remember, time waits for no one!

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