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I like video games. I play them a lot. I also love wolves. I watch anime off and on, usually whatever is on Adult Swim. Sometimes my friends have DVDs I watch from.

If you have any questions then comment me.

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HikaruTenshi (She loves making new friends if you are interested.)





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Shigune Apr 3, 2009

Yeah, Higurashi really is interesting... confusing but interesting ^-^

About the cosplay; that's really cool! =D

You will really like Anime Expo I think ^^

Every cosplay convention is fun. Soon there will be one here too!

Already ordered tickets.. I can't wait! <3

I hope it will be fun for you and Hikaru too~!

Shigune Mar 25, 2009

No problem! ^^

You also have a great taste in anime =3

Higurashi is great, some moments really sick, but that just makes it great =]

It's cool that your friend's gonna cosplay Haruhi

Haruhi is cool =D

Do you cosplay often?

Shigune Mar 24, 2009

*looks at top 5 anime*

Wolf's Rain is great indeed! I love wolves too ;3

Such amazingly creatures~


You should watch The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, it's really fun ^^

Have fun at AP and of course with watching anime =3

HikaruTenshi Feb 12, 2009

Hello! Thank you for joining anime-planet! Seven more days until we get to see each other! Yay! I can't wait to live in our house! Fun fun! I will make your time spent on anime really big! ^_^