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Welcome to Wolfco's user page! I'm pleased to serve as assistant reviewer and moderator for Anime-Planet. I'm a native (American) english speaker; so, if you are pondering something and have a question please let me know. For the purposes of understanding me, I'm an anime addict with a real life too. As you might guess from my age, I'm out of school and working. Anime has always been a point of joy in my life and i'm pleased to tell you that I have wide ranging tastes in genres and styles.

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tetra says...

Its Kyo Kara Maoh! Humoristic magical boy anime =) Go see!

Aug 1, 2007
Flimmeren says...

Ah, Wolfco - thank you for the kind and motherly pushing you are exhibiting when making me expand my profile. Its strange - but the more I am adding entries to it, the more I notice is lacking. Having said that - it is fun to notice the amount of users that seems to have started commenting profileinfo. I believe Sothis may have done something pretty smart here. This is almost like the early days of anime-planet. 

 And since we first are on the topic of profiles - is there a particular story behind that wolf-picture you are using - other than you have chosen the nick wolfco?

Jul 31, 2007
Lommi says...

Its one of my favorites too.

Besides nice avatar. When I was young I wanted to have a wolf.

Jul 31, 2007
Kastrophee says...

Thanks, I would be happy to fix up my review of Gilgamesh, as it wouldn't be easy without pointers (Like how sothis gave me pointers on synopsis writing I went from shit to ok).  Just PM me or send me a im on aim (The info should be on my profile, though I am always hidden and usually on). :)

Jul 28, 2007
naituramin says...

My Avatar is Souma Hatsuharu, "Haru"  from Fruits basket. I like him, his split personality is great.

Jul 27, 2007