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Welcome to Wolfco's user page! I'm pleased to serve as assistant reviewer and moderator for Anime-Planet. I'm a native (American) english speaker; so, if you are pondering something and have a question please let me know. For the purposes of understanding me, I'm an anime addict with a real life too. As you might guess from my age, I'm out of school and working. Anime has always been a point of joy in my life and i'm pleased to tell you that I have wide ranging tastes in genres and styles.

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mis4tune Sep 25, 2007

All i can say i WO, top 25 profiles 100% (and im not spamming :P)

VivisQueen Sep 22, 2007

You seem to be a fan of Darker than Black. I've just finished watching episode 10 (I can't watch anymore, because all the rest seem to be available via BT only *weep!!!*), the one where that guy cuts his wrists and sprays people with it to blow them up. I've been wondering this for a while, but after this episode with BK201 and Kirihara's interaction, it's really bugging me. Which do you think is Li's real personality? Do you think he's genuinely a friendly person deep down? Or is he really the cold, dead-eyed and efficient killer when he's doing his job? Because he seems to switch so easily, but when he's with people, he is very convincing - that kind of pleasantness during small-talk can't be faked that well, surely? Urgh, I ramble.

tetra Sep 22, 2007

what if I want it centered? ;)

And yeah... Haru wo Doait Ita is such a classing that I could not resist. Be proud that I did not use this pic  though =P (the upper half)


tetra Sep 21, 2007

I spread my wisdom by osmosis!

I decided to not have cute bishies in my signature since it would be so much focus on the yaoi... there is more to me then that, I think...That and the fact that I would never ever be able to decide who I wanted. There are just so many of them!

VivisQueen Sep 21, 2007

Haha! I jsut can't wait to get another image now. I don't know how to create my own, and damnit I really want to see how far I can take this baby. I guess I'll go make a request and wait for the images to flood in. May I say, you do look rather fetching in your new sig...