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Welcome to Wolfco's user page! I'm pleased to serve as assistant reviewer and moderator for Anime-Planet. I'm a native (American) english speaker; so, if you are pondering something and have a question please let me know. For the purposes of understanding me, I'm an anime addict with a real life too. As you might guess from my age, I'm out of school and working. Anime has always been a point of joy in my life and i'm pleased to tell you that I have wide ranging tastes in genres and styles.

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DeusVult says...

OMG, no one comments here!?  Gasp!  Thanks for keeping order on the forums! You sure are watching a TON of anime there.

Nov 8, 2008
wolfangel87 says...

Hahaha, well I think your wolfiness is amazing!  and i just love your avatar!

Dec 21, 2007
wolfangel87 says...

Just wanted to come and say hi!  I can't believe I have never said hi to you my fellow wolf lover!!!!

Dec 20, 2007
Dontais says...

Just wanted to say thanks for posting the topic about the necro threads they were getting a bit of out of hand.

Dec 8, 2007
Illsuions says...

Hey just stoped in to to check out your page... I liked you sig... Pretty bold putting Claymore as your fav! Honestly it was on its was to being my #1 only a few ep. in... I mean I was hooked...Still overall it was a great Anime

but at the end even though I knew raki couldn't really have that much power to bring Clare back (or depending on how you wanna look at it) or Clare didn't have enough power to bring herself back for Raki, I was still hoping that he would directly save her...guess I'm just a sap... but other than that it kicked serious butt.

Anyway hi nice to meet ya... se ya around! 

Nov 29, 2007