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Gakuen Heaven

Aug 16, 2010


The story was good for the most part. It's your average shounen-ai anime. I found the animes' comedy rather humorous, and the storyline rather sweet, though it did get a little predictable for me.


I liked the animation, though it was nothing fantastic. It definitely could've been better at some points, but it most certainly wasn't the worst I've ever seen. So over all, pretty average.


Honestly, I'm not really good at judging whether or not Japanese voice acting is good. Even the crappiest Japanese voice acting pales in comparison to the unbeatable shit you call English dubs. It screwed up my judgment tremendously. But I found the opening theme very catchy for some reason, which is odd because I generally don't like music with that kind of feel, but whatever. xD The ending theme is nice, a slow paced song, but really nothing spectacular about it.


I personally liked most of the characters. The main character, Ito Keita, I found absolutely adorable. I fell in love with him, because I'm a sucker for shota boys. I found Endo Kazuki weird at first, but as I began to understand him and get to know his background, I warmed up to him. I found a few characters annoying however, such as a certain pair of twins that for some reason, just agrivated the hell out of me, and Naruse Yukihiko, just because he overused the word "Honey"(Seriously, why don't you try using Keitas' name every once in awhile? People are given names for that reason, you know.) Overall, the characters were good, some better than others, but whatever.


It's a good anime that I recommend to any shounen-ai/yaoi lovers, and possibly some shoujo fans! xD It had such a shoujo feel to it for me. I'd love to see if anybody else got the same vibe from it as I did. But anyway, it's not a waste of time watching it. I hope my review was helpful.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall

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