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Me up was summer the losses that I N injured during my waking from 2007 on I mean I've only been awake since 2007man and I was only peripherally away as you know it's a process and ire I was already I was reading losing things by the time I woke up %uh stock market frauds also it'sbullshit that I felt rates you on the only good thing I would have to say that it came out it is back to rate limit home Safer Colon I'll have a mortgage but other than that I'm in pretty I’m pretty much close to the bass now because I lost so much that I had and I took years to get so I'm another one of these people that walk up because loss so unfortunately the masses will wake up when it really starts to hit the fan on now I know that the Penza scheme ingoing to blow up I mean the Federal Reserve is due to expire at the end year we all know that what's gonnahappen there any talking about what are they going to do they're gonnajust on the 22nd save decided to think for a lot on two years probably ohm either that or will be a war and train is going to say we want to get paid and then they're going to say no we're notional pay you.

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