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School Days

Nov 25, 2012


Streamed this sucker- Also played the source material


School Days, Oh my,  School Days. This anime is very..."infamous" among the anime comunity and here's Wirusan to tell you why and my take on this series!!

Story 5.0


Well this pretty much sums up the story

Ok School Days is adapted from an eroge with the same name. For those of you who aren't familiar with eroge's (or pretend you aren't). An eroge is a visual novel that puts the player in the shoes of male character (usually) who's surrounded by females that the player can choose to *ahem* "dance" with(horizontally that is ;D). Now this is where the story stems from. It's a Love Triangle if I ever knew one. Makato is the main character and he has a crush on Kotonoha, they are schoolmates but he also rides the same train with her. There's a rumor that if you take a picture of someone and place it as your scrennsaver on your phone in 3 weeks (I think it was) and let no one see it that person will become your boyfriend/girlfirend. Makato takes a picture of her and takes part of the charm. Soon his classmate Sekai discovers the screensaver and pledges to put the two together! Eventually Sekai hooks them up but she also developed feelings for him too. The race to Makato's heart begins now! While it is a pretty typical story School Days does something different and that is the infamous ENDING Which I won't spoil but I for one LOVED the ending. The show didn't have me on emotional ride where  I was on the edge of my seat it did however give me obvious build up that I couldn't wait to see the product of. I give the story a 5 because the story would be a 2 but the ending gives it +3 points.

Animation 5.0


As you can see the tone isn't exactly "cheery" 

The animation for this show seemed pretty average to me. nothing really stood out, I wasn't amazed at the animation and I wasn't disgusted with how horrible it was. The backgrounds were pretty darn good and the character models where nice as well. School Day's animation gets a solid 6.0..


 Sound 5.0



If your girl is doing this pose right here...You might want to check her out. NOT a good sign 

The Sound for School Days is pretty hilarious (in a good way...kind of) the OP is all bubbly and happy it does NOT depict the show's tone in the least. If all you saw was the OP to Shool Days you'd be damn well surpirsed once you watched the entire show. Nothing from this show's music was memorable EXCEPT Kawashimi no Muko e. This is the bad end song in the game version, but it is used in this anime and this song stands out from all the other songs in the series. Whenver I hear it puts me in the mood they had in the scene it was used in. Then I laugh because that scene was SO satisfying.  Character voices are good and sound effects are standard nothing truly amazing. The sound for School Days gets a 4.0


Characters 2.0


This is where School Days falls...The characters. I'm gonna start with least hated to most hated and give some info of each one on their summary


Kokoro Katsura

She got a master's in cock blocking


 Kokoro (which means heart) is one of the main herorines sisters. She isn't a main character but she is just cute & bubbly (She's also a cock-blocker). 

Setsuna Kiyoura

 I wish she had more screen time


Setsuna is the class representative and best friend of Sekai. Setsuna is very calm and coolheaded and the shortest character in the cast (not counting Kokoro). She grew up with Sekai and knows how emotionally unstable she is and she trys her best to help her out even though she has her own feelings about Makato too. 

Kotonoha Katsura

 She just needs a formal appology


Kotonoha is one of the two main heroines. She is very shy and timid and is the girl Makato does the screensaver charm with. and eventually starts to date. While she does have feeling for Makato she is very inexperianced with boys and often turns down his advances. Kotonoha is often bullied and taken advantage of, and she just takes the abuse. She doesn't have a lot of friends (Save Sekai and Makato) but she does genuinely love Makato she just needs a little time to adjust (A fact Makato doesn't understand cause he's a fucktard)  Kotonoha also has the biggest bust of the cast :D


Hikari Kuroda

 You would think with that hair Sawanaga would notice her more


Hikari has a temper problem and has been known to flip out at times. She is kind of childish and doesn't really like Makato but eventualy...she starts to develop feelings for him ( I hate Makato). She is good friends with Sekai and has a crush on Sawanaga (that he's too stupid to see). 

Nanami Kanroji

 Her boyfriend's an Otaku


Nanami is a member of the basketball team and is even attending the school on a scholarship. She is seen as the mature one of the group and is friends with Sekai Hikari and the bunch. She is the only one in the cast to have a boyfriend from the start and is also the tallest character.

Taisuke Sawanaga

The underaverage best friend character

Taisuke is Makato's bestfriend. He is a hopless romantic and he REALLY can't take a hint OR pick one up. He's pretty much a dumbass. 

Otome Katou

 I swear she just needs to be roundhouse kicked

Otome Katou is a BITCH Makato knew in Junior High. She is a bully and spends most of her time being a giant D-bag to Kotonoha . She has a crush on Makato but acts all shy when someone brings it up. She needed to be punched in the throat, just one good time.

 Sekai Saionji



Sekai is one of the main heroines and sits next to Makato and helps him hook up with Kotonoha. She usually helps Makato when he is having relationship problems with Kotonoha. The only thing is SHE LOVES MAKATO. So when she's doing all this hooking up she's hurting herself. When she sees them enjoying themselves she then she starts to go after Makato too (in the worst possible way you could do that). She is the reason for all this drama.

Makato Itou

 "Herpa Derp! I'm a giant douche!"


Makato is the definiton of ASSHOLE. He is essentialy a pure bag of douche who can't seem to do anything right. It's a wonder why all these girls are attracted to him. So many problems could of been avoided had he simply stated something. Not Makato though he just does whatever he wants and expects things to just disappear if he ignores it for long enough. He isn't ranked #16 on the most hated list on here for no reason.


The characters in School Days are stupid and do stupid things. You got Makato being an asshole for no reason, Kotonoha the punching bag, and Sekai the perpetual jimmy rustler. They don't explore many characters besides these 3 but the other minor characers are bland and they only contribute to the problem. I do like some of the characters but I didn't feel any attachetment to them.


Characters 2.0


All in all Schools Days is different but not original. With the cookie cut characters and forgettable sound it was an OK anime that just got worse as it went on. Where School Days stands out is in it's ending. This is why it's so infamous and why so many people "like" it. Nevertheless I think this is a must watch for everyone just so they can see the end. 


Final Score: 4.0

Rating: Bad for health-Bad for education

I don't think School Days has an offical DVD release but they're getting a new recommendation. A Mild Play it! with a Strong Watch it! The game is pretty good and you'll be able to see more endings like the one shown in the show.

Animes that get this rating aren’t really worth your time. They don’t bring much to the table and frankly should just be skipped. However some of these shows have certain elements that might be worth the watch. There is SOMETHING that can be taken from this although in the end it’s still probably not worth it 

That's your boy Wirusan's review enjoy watching and stay the hell away woodchippers.


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5/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
2/10 characters
4/10 overall
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