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There is always an anime you'll see an advertisment for or you just decided to watch it randomly one day to see what you'll get. For me B Gata H Kei was one of these animes, I saw an advertisement for it and thought "Yamada's First Time...can we say Echhi?" but I said why the hell not and decided to watch it.


The story isn't one I have seen before but I wouldn't call it an amazing story either. Yamada simply wants to have sex with 100 different guys (Although that's not what I would recommend anyone set their ambitons as) but Yamada is a virgin and has no experience with sexual situations (even though she is really perverted)  but that won't stop her!

Before she can start on the path toward her goal she wants to find the right guy to "break her in" (I know that was a terrible pun ). This is where the romance comes in, soon she finds her "Cherry Boy" and at first he is just an object of her lust but she starts to develop feelings that don't originate from her genitals for him.

The show definately made me laugh and had it's moments even though Yamada's intentions are purely sexual her lack in experiance usually causes her to fail and make a fool of herself. Yamada's Ero-gami is funny and someimtes even breaks the 4th wall. Although the show is about the defloweration of a highschool student the ecchiness of this show is surpringly low. I would expect upskirts and boob shots at every corner but actuatlly there isn't alot of visual fanservice but it is there in the dialouge.


The animation was decent it wasn't anything that stood out but it definately wasn't bad. Sometimes they broke out into chibi styled animation when they would try to get a joke across which wasn't in bad taste. The animation was solid but nothing phenomonal. 


The voice acting was good (Judging from the English dub) and the opening while I wouldn't go banigng this at max volume on my phone or even downloading it. The sonf certainly was catchy. As for the endning song it's ok too but not as catchy as the opening. The sound was good the little BGM that would play when a joke was happening was welcoming but other than that the sound wasn't something that really stood out.



    Yamada is a 15 year old girl who is horny out of her mind. She has very dirty thoughts and constantly thinks about sex, I mean whose ambition in life is to bone 100 guys?! That aside she is pretty ditzy and isn't afraid to flaunt about her good looks in front of people. Her insecurites from being a virgin have caused her to actuatlly turn guys down further distancing herself from her goal. Although she is a straight up pervert she does have a sensitive side.

Yamada's Ero-gami (Lust Deity)

 Yamada's Ero-gami is the presonification of her lust. She kind of acts as a guide of sorts so Yamada can get to her goal, although no one can see or hear her. She often acts as comic relief sometimes breaking the fourth wall or taking the roll as nararator.

Takashi Kosuda (AKA Cherry Boy)

 Takashi is one of Yamada's classmates and happens to be the guy Yamada chooses to be the first man on her journey to 100. He's seen as a regular average joe some even looking towards him with eyes casting down on him. He's a good guy, he naturally looks out for Yamada when he is able. He is taken in by Yamada's advances although he sometimes misreads Yamada's intentions he slowly starts to fall for her.

Kosuda's Ero-gami

  Kosuda's Ero-gami is just like Yamada's although Kosuda's is more relaxed. 

Miharu Takeshita

 Miharu is Yamada's (well endowed) best friend who helps Yamada even if she doesn't agree with Yamada's plans. Often seen as a guide for Yamada because she believes she is more experianced.

Mayu Miyano

 Mayu is Takashi's neighbor and she secretly has a crush on him. She is very clumsy and shy so she has a hard time getting her feelings through to him. Yamada sees her as her rival to take Takashi's V-Card

Miyano's Ero-gami

 Miyano's Ero gami is like Yamada's where she is pushing Miyano towards her goal of getting with Takashi. Even in her Ero form Miyano still looks cute and innocent.

Mami Misato

 Mami is a bubbly girl who is obssessed with attractive guys. Although she is  adores MANY men few seem to notice her or have any intrest in her, but this does not crush her resolve!

Kyoka Kanejou

 Kyoka is a rich girl who transfered over from America. She is a perfectionist she can do many things such as cooking, modeling, and even sports. Kyoka has a dark side she has a rivalry with Yamada and a HUGE brother complex she has like a whole room dedicated to him 0_0 yea she's a creeper.

I think where B Gata H Kei stands out is with it's characters, while these cahracters aren't 100% original it's fun to watch them interact with eachother.


In the end this show is entertaining it has it's comedy and romance in it as well. It has ecchi elements but not so much visually (well less than expected) This is a pretty good anime to watch but you shouldn't be diving into Morodor to watch it. I give it a Mild Watch It and a Bargain bin Buy It


Final Score: 6.0

Rating: Not Bad

Something that gets a Not Bad rating isn’t the best of things…or even good. But it definitely isn’t the worst, If you can ignore all the flaws in this work then it could be decent, 

That's your boy Wirusan's review you can catch me on my blog guyfaw.tumblr.com and find me on youtube on the Youtube channel SwordnKey. Enjoy watching and stay the hell away from woodchippers.  

6/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
6.5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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