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The introduction

What it do? It's your boy Wiru-san AKA Fawx from the SwordNKey team. This profile will contain some funny ass reviews and links to some great videos on our channel so make sure you check that shit out. Also we have a new website so check that out too.

A little about myself

There once was a tale that told of a boy who lived his entire life in a cave 9 ka-jillion feet under the Earf's surface. This boy had no family the darkness was his only compainion and the strangers it brought along with it. After years of meditation and survival this boy finally decided to leave that cave and reach the surface. He dug and he dug some more till his fingernails ripped off "Stop" wasn't even in his dictionary.

The only thing that kept him going was his will the will to continue the will to survive... THE WILL OF THE WARRIOR! After a year of digging he finally made it to Earf's core where he met a dragon "What brings you here mortal?" asked the dragon. The boy only stared at the dragon with his empty gaze penetrating his very soul. "Ah, I see you wish to reach the surface but that is no easy task the only one with the power to do so is me!" said the dragon.

This did not phase the boy as he clinched his fist and said "It's not about power...It's about WILL" as he charged at the dragon. The dragon sprayed him with the hottest flames he could conjure but this was to no avail; the boy fought through all the pain and slew the dragon with his bare hands. The boy then harnesed the dragons soul and all his powers becoming like God knowing all good and evil.

The boy used his newfound power and broke through to the surface. The world was blank there was no human life on the planet, but there was peace. The boy found a nearby tree and built a home near a river and lived his life peacefully there. Years passed and the boy is now a man and has connected with all the life forms around him through meditation.

He walked the entire world connecting his soul with each plant and animal for he did not know death. As centuries passed and humans started to show he accended into a higher form, a pure soul that connects with everything. It is legened that he would return and reunite the worlds and bring peace when he is reincarnated, and that has happened. Let me introduce myself I'm Will and where there's a will there is a way!


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Thanks for stopping by check out my reviews if you want. If you read my bio, well it's all true. See ya!


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Charana Jul 2, 2015

Your trying so hard not to offend dude XD its fine! i agree with you tho totally! It would of gotten a bit redundant.You should watch wolf children,spirited away and Grave of fireflies! just as good 

sothis Feb 19, 2015

Thanks for the understanding, and as a note this isn't your fault - indeed, there aren't really any guidelines up, I should fix that asap (I've open a tracking issue to do that). The general rule of thumb is to keep it PG-13 for a few reasons :)

Your reviews are hilarious, btw! 

sothis Feb 18, 2015

Hi Wiru,

Apologies, but I had to remove some of the images from your 'I Couldn't Become a Hero' review because they were excessively on the ecchi side - we sometimes put up ecchi screenshots in the entries, but those are behind a button, and there's no show/hide option for content like that in reviews or on the reviews page in the entry

SugoiKawaii Jan 28, 2015

I'm from the Celtic county of Cornwall in the south west of England. (:

SugoiKawaii Jan 22, 2015

Haha I fought you were called Will, your username is Will in Japanese isn't it :D.

It seems that you've watched alot more anime than me though. Where abouts are you from? 

We could be even more alike, you never know.