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How I got into Anime/My History with it

13 AUG

How I got into Anime/My History with it

I first got into anime with Digimon Season 1 and Pokemon the First Movie when I was a little kid and they first came out in the USA.  They quickly became my favorite things ever especially Pokemon.  I also watched most of the other anime that came out on TV like Medabots, Yugioh, Yu Yu Hakusho, Hamtaro, etc.    I didn't really know what anime actually was until Fullmetal Alchemist started showing on Adult Swim.  By then I had computer access so I looked it up and found out about anime and stuff.  Still, I didn't watch anything besides FMA for at least a year.  I was so obsessed with it I must have seen it at least 20 times.  After I cooled down off of that, I discovered the joy of watching subbed anime and saw a few more shows.  I went through a few months where I was big into Yugioh GX (Japanese version) and I got really sad when it ended.  Then for a time I didn't watch very much anime since I was horribly depressed and therefore not really interested in anything.  After a while of that I tried to claw back up out of it and mostly sucecced and I emerged as a bigger anime fan than ever.  Also, I discovered how awesome manga is and started reading a bunch of it. 

Now days I try to keep up with some of the shows that air every season, catch up on the interesting series that have already aired in the past, and read tons of manga especially late at night or early in the morning.  Even though it's been years, I still consider myself pretty new to it.

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